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Learning which equipment and gear that is going to serve you well can really bring about an awesome advantage for you. Right off the bat you start to look and sound better, without even exercising your talents in music yet.

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If you want to take marketing your music to another level, then I can't recommend enough John Oszajca's music marketing manifesto. My favorite aspect of his complete program was his stance on email marketing, where he really leverages the that "1000 true fans" philosophy.

His website is a bit hokey (Flaming guitars? Seriously?), but his program really shows independant artists how to get a leg-up on signed artists.

In a day where new tools are being created every week, it's going to be fairly impossible for you to keep up to date on all of them. Which is of course why I try to keep you up to date, so that you can learn which equipment is worth your time, and which is simply going to be a waste.

This includes software as well. 

I'm only going to review equipment that I have personal experience with though, so that way you know all of the knowledge I share will be very practical and based on my real experience with the gear.

This does limit the amount of reviews that you can expect, but you can at least be assured that you'll know everything you wanted to know about it.

I'll also include useful articles that can help you make decisions as to which route you take in music (such as my article on The Pro's and Cons of Guitar Multi Effects Pedals).


For most people that have never used a looper before, the idea of it can be very intimidating.

Well no worries there, because I'm glad to tell you that the looper on the line 6 delay is extremely easy to use.

And when I say "extremely easy" to use, I mean that I figured out it's functions within 2 minutes of trying it out, and I didn't even touch a tutorial or guide!

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I don't want to discount how useful it is to grab deals on professional LED lights, but if you are looking for a cheap solution to "fill out" your stage lighting selection, then building your own ambient lighting can be fun and practical.

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As a guitarist, it is very likely come to the debate of "Should I use guitar multi effects (digital) pedals, or go with the single analogue stomp box pedals?"

Now I'm not going to say for certain whether you "should" or "should not" use the multi effects pedals, but I certainly can put it into perspective for you so that you can make yourself a fairly informed decision.

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In the case of the Line 6 POD, I'm sure other owners of this product have at least a few complaints.

Starting with my article on The Pro's and Con's of Guitar Multi Effects Pedals, you'll find that there are a few general complaints about multi effects pedals in general.

But what about the line 6 pod, which is supposed to be "far superior" than any other pedal (in it's price range) on the market (minus their new HD models).

(Continue to article) Original Article is a service online in which you pay roughly 15 Cents a song for music for any songs you can find on their site, and almost everyone IS on that site.

Generally, most albums come to around 1-2 Dollars, and if you buy the Full album, you save 20% on the price of the songs.

"What a great deal!" you may be thinking. You might also think, "Is that legit?"

The answers are yes and yes-and-no. The answers are also no.

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Many people argue about whether Powered PA Speakers are better, or whether Passive speakers are the way to go in live music performances.

Here's some comparisons of features that are useful to anyone doing small-medium sized shows.

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To say that I was a bit excited to see there was a Guitar Pro App coming out is a little bit of an understatement.

As with everything else, Guitar pro has it's issues (generally in the technical difficulties category).

Guitar Pro 5.2 (the Windows Version) has crashed on me well over 700 times while using it. The app hasn't crashed on me at all.

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Overall, this is a value unit that works great for the $20-40 price tag.

If you need something cheap to do band practices with, it's an okay DIY-styled solution to get things going, though if you are serious about having permanent headphone-amp jam sessions, I recommend something more suited to that such as a JamHub, which is considerably more expensive.

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The POD x3 live has some legendary features, and it's robust interface makes it incredibly useful.

Unfortunately, the lack of support from Line6 (which isn't too bad of a thing, until this next part) combined with the fact that these POD's fail and break all on their own, makes it a bad choice for live performance.

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This is a great amp. I recommend it for anyone who is looking for a step up from their 10 or 15 Watt Practice amp, but isn't quite ready for the big stuff yet.

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Guest review by Steve Williams:

The change from traditional Alder to Ash isn’t actually that strange, legendary Beatles guitarist George Harrison played an Ash Telecaster, as did many guitarists from that era.

The hand-rubbed stained lacquer finish on the other hand is much more unfamiliar, although it’s a mystery why. The Matte finish will actually improve with age and good ol’ fashioned wear and tear will only benefit the guitar.

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It's hard to wrong when a program is free. The Kristal recording software deals with a few issue's, especially when it comes to large amounts of latency.

Although I wouldn't recommend it for any serious recording (try REAPER if you're using Windows, or GarageBand if you're on a Mac), if you just need a musical notepad to record a few idea's, Kristal can be a great addition to your recording library.

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