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1. Band of the Week: Irepress

My Experience:

Like so many others, I was introduced to this band by my friend Jet Crossley, one of his favorite bands.

The first song I heard was "Pah no" which immediately left a massive impression on me.

You know when you have that band, where they are really good, but you don't really know it until you listen through their album a few times?

This isn't that band.

They are freaking amazing, and you know it right away!

Imagine yourself a much more upbeat Isis, except with no lyrics, and much more focus on awesome drum beats.

No...that doesn't give you Irepress, but that is about the best way for me to describe them.

Now you just have to hear them for yourself, below.

You can check their Page Here. (Remember, I have conveniently provided several songs from the band for you to listen to, on that page.)


2. Article: Religious Misconceptions About Mainstream Music


Religious Misconceptions About Mainstream Music = Ignorant

So, what is my beef with Religious Misconceptions About Mainstream Music?

It's ignorance.

Now I don't want you to think that this is a biased opinion, it's not. I'm a Christian and God is the biggest part of my life.

With that being said, I am very often surrounded by other Christian people, and I find that many of them very often misconstrue the meaning of certain songs, and label them as "Bad" music, because it seems to be promoting things like Violence, Hate, and Sex.

A Strangely Accurate Graph...
A Picture of a graph saying that most christian music are bad metaphors that sound sexual

Now I believe that you shouldn't use your music to promote these things.

But here's the thing: I find that we start labeling the Artists that are "Anti-Hate/Violence/Sex" as "immoral" music.

Let me give you a perfect example.

A Perfect Example Of Ignorance

You would find that us religious people have labeled the band "System of a Down" as "bad"" music. But why?

System of a Down supports many of the views that Christians have, such as these Anti-Hate/Lies/Mindless Sex/etc, yet we shun them.

Because we label these bands, that support good causes, as bad, simply because they might have some swearing, we are actually being fairly hypocritical. Not to mention creating a bad name for ourselves.

How does something like swearing, or using satire, make their cause any different from mine?

It doesn't, and that is the Ignorance I am talking about.

Take a look at the lyrics for "Violent Pornography" by SOAD.

Violent Pornography

Everybody, everybody, everybody livin now,
Everybody, everybody, everybody fucks,
Everybody, everybody, everybody livin now,
Everybody, everybody, everybody sucks,
Everybody, everybody, everybody livin now,
Everybody, everybody, everybody cries,
Everybody, everybody, everybody livin now,
Everybody, everybody, everybody dies,

It's a non-stop disco
Bet you it's Nabisco
Bet you didn't know, WOO HOO
Non-stop disco
Bet you didn't know

It's a violent pornography,
Choking chicks and sodomy
The kinda shit you get on your TV.

Now if you showed that to most religious people, they would label that as immoral music.

A Mislabeled "Immoral" Show
A Picture of Eric Cartman from the show South Park, he is wearing a priests uniform with his hands raised in the air, and the caption reads faith plus one to replicate a video game where you might level up in skill

So what is the message of this song?

The message is that the media pollutes our mind with garbage like Violence and Sex.

WAIT A SECOND! That sounds like the same type of message I might hear at church!

But just because it "Sounds Bad and has swearing", it is labeled as music that will pollute you.

And that is my beef with Ignorant Religious Opinions on Mainstream Music.

(Just to make this clear, when I talk about sex, I'm talking about sleeping around and all that Jizz. Sex in a marriage is Genius, and it's a lot more enjoyable to share such an important thing with someone you are going to spend your life with)

If you haven't done so already:

(That's A Clue!)

Andrew Muller, Editor

-Andrew Muller, Editor (Friday, October 13th, 2009.)

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