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1. Band of the Week: Hella

2. Projects: What's in the works?

3. Article: A Very Important Lesson On Keeping Time


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1. Band of the Week: Hella

With Insane Drummer Zach Hill, Hella is one of those bands that any real artist Loves and respects. I think I even recall Cedric Bixler-Zavala mentioning them in an interview.

You can check their song, "World Series" here


2. Projects: What's in the Works?

De-loused In The Comatorium E-book: I'm still working on it. I want to make sure all the formatting is perfect as well, because there is an insane amount of information. Most lines have 2 or 3 different definitions, so you can see how that might add up throughout the entire album.

I really want the E-book to be easy to read, even though there is all that information, so it's taking longer than I first expected it would. But it will all be worth it I promise you!

Articles: Some new Articles are sitting on my computer waiting for their final edit. I've decided to take a little more time with each article, to make sure they're perfect.

Tabs on Demand: I have been considering doing a "Tabs On Demand" system where you can request that I tab out a song, and when it's ready I'll contact you and you can pay for it then. Be sure to Contact Me and tell me what you think of this idea.


3. Article: How To Keep Time, an important skill.


Keeping Time With Music
What separates Incredible Drummers From Mediocre Ones

One thing separates Great drummers from Mediocre ones.

Keeping Time With Music.

Whether you are a Drummer yourself, or someone who plays with them, you know that holding a constant time and tempo is the most important thing in the world.Terry Bozzio Drums

You can do the most incredible fills in the world, and be as fancy as you like, but if you can't keep time, your music will Sound like Crap. Plus, no one will want to play with you.

How do I learn to keep tempo?

Well, there IS a few ways to do it. Some people swear by playing drums with a Metronome. But I have a better way.

Put on your Damn Blaring headphones, and just Play Along

There really is no better way to learn to keep tempo.

If you use this technique, you can successfully learn to stop Speeding up and Slowing Down, You will learn the Drums to your Favorite artist, and best of all You will be Having Fun.

Why hasn't anyone else figured this out?

....................................THEY HAVE!

I really don't know of very many great Drummers who haven't slapped on their ear buds and worked past their inability to keep a solid beat.

I mean, there is the odd, extremely talented musician who just is really good at keeping time.

But for the rest of us.........We listen.

Andrew Muller, Editor

-Andrew Muller, Editor (Tuesday July 7th, 2009.)

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