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1. Band of the Week: Baroness

2. Projects: What's in the works?

3. Article: Sell Out Muse


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1. Band of the Week: Baroness

My Bass player Michael Schellenberg first introduced me to Baroness.

Ever since I heard the song "Wailing Wintry Wind" (Seen below) I have been in love with the band.

I think the Red Album is simply one of the most solid albums ever, almost in the style of Cynic's Traced In Air.

Baroness definitely has that "Steel" (AKA Post-Metal) feel to it. One that I have lately become much more accustomed to, thanks to bands like Isis.

Basically, every time I listen to Baroness, I like them more and more.

You can check their Page Here and their song, "Wailing Wintry Wind" here.


2. Projects: What's in the Works?

I've spent a fair amount of time working on the site layout. If you haven't been there in a while, go and Take A Look.

I also finished a bunch of Porcupine Tree Album Reviews, as well as about a hundred other things!

And I of course, haven't forgotten about the De-loused In The Comatorium E-book. I've put some hard work into that lately as well. It is a MASSIVE project, so don't think I'm being lazy.

Cedric is just simply too complex with his lyrics.

Luckily, for you who don't want to have to interpret it yourselves, you have hard-working me on your side!


3. Article: Sell Out Muse


Sell Out Muse

Are they selling out? Or simply diversifying?

A Lot of buzz has been going around lately about the new Muse album, "Resistance". The previews are out on iTunes, and criticisms are mixed.

Some say that Muse has become all "Pop", while those who defend the Pop Genre insist that Muse may simply be broadening their musical style.

So lets take a deeper look at the situation.

The Definition Of A Sell Out

This one takes some real research now. I think it would be very difficult to put a very strong definition to what a "Sell-Out" really is, but after countless minutes of searching, this is the best definition that I believe exists.

"Anyone who sacrifices artistic integrity in an effort to become more successful or popular"

Now the first thing that comes to mind in this situation would be, is Muse switching to Pop because of their recent success? Or are they just trying something new.

The Three Museketeers! Sorry that was terrible.
A Picture of Matt Bellamy and the other members of Muse

This is a question that, just like the Age-old argument of Creationism VS Evolution, can only be guessed at. The only way we will ever have a solid answer is if we could get inside Matt Bellamy's Head (Highly Doubtful).

Pop Defined

The one thing we can accurately argue, is whether or not switching to Pop makes you a Sell-out. So lets take a look at the definition of Pop.

In my opinion (And many other peoples), "Pop" is short for Popular.

Pop Music has all the hooks and catchy riffs that are required to bring in a buying audience (Often a stupid one).

Pop rarely deviates from the Song structure "Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus/Outro".

Pop doesn't often use unique instruments, or playing styles, because originality scares the everyday listener.

How does Pop relate to Selling out?

Right off the bat, I can tell you that 90% of Pop Artists are in it for the money.

That is your #1 sign that Pop is directly related to selling out.

Of course, it isn't these 90% that are sell-outs. I mean, how are they selling out if they never had any integrity to sacrifice in the first place?

Album Cover for the New Muse Album, "The Resistance"
A Picture of the Album cover for the new Muse Album, The Resistance

But I can tell you, if they ever did have integrity, they would be sell-outs.

Which brings us to Muse.

Let's Compare

I look at a band like Muse, where they wrote all this original stuff in the beginning (I'm pretty sure with the help of psychedelics too!) but now that they have gained some popularity, their musical style changes.

Now lets look at another band in a similar situation, but they didn't change their style based on the audience.


Radiohead has gone from Alternative, To Trip Hop, To Electronic Rock, To Marching Band Style Etc.

They have endured countless years of success, a whole butt-load of money, and the swooning of all adoring girls (Including Miley-Cyrus. Of course, she was rudely rejected).

But they never changed their music because of anyone else. A perfect example of a band who aren't sell-outs.

Evolution, Or De-Evolution?

Go back and listen to the Albums "Origin Of Symmetry" and "Absolution". Now go and take a listen to the new Muse Single "Uprising".

Muse is a band whom once had a large amount of integrity. Many Pop Artists aren't sell-outs, because they never had a large amount of integrity to begin with.

But if Muse once did have integrity, and are now going into the Pop Genre...

Sell-Out? Or Broadening Horizons?

We can only really tell when the album is released, but in my opinion, Muse is going on the downward spiral of many successful bands before them.


Andrew Muller, Editor

-Andrew Muller, Editor (Tuesday, August 25th, 2009.)

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