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If you want to take marketing your music to another level, then I can't recommend enough John Oszajca's music marketing manifesto. My favorite aspect of his complete program was his stance on email marketing, where he really leverages the that "1000 true fans" philosophy.

His website is a bit hokey (Flaming guitars? Seriously?), but his program really shows independant artists how to get a leg-up on signed artists.

TheRealMusician has a wide range of topics relating to music. The main focus of the site is to help musicians develop themselves until they are mature and successful in their craft.

We receive 50,000 page views a month, and a low 8% bounce rate.

The majority of our traffic is organic, from Google, Bing/Yahoo!, social media, word of mouth, or from repeat visitors. We DO NOT buy traffic in order to increase prices. We only sell advertising for high-value traffic.

This website also ranks in the top 500,000 Alexa, meaning that it in the top 0.25% for traffic out of all sites on the internet

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Content topics for this site generally fall under 3 categories, which are:

  • Music philosophy
  • Creating music
  • Music marketing

It does get much more specific than that though, so feel free to visit the site to get more of a feel for what content is featured here.


Visitors to TheRealMusician are, on average:

  • 18-34 years old
  • 60% female, 40% male
  • with no children
  • with some college experience
  • browsing from home

Who Should Advertise On TheRealMusician?

The content on TheRealMusician makes this site a perfect fit for advertisers like:

  • Bands
  • Musical instruments
  • Sound, lighting, and DJ equipment
  • Mastering services
  • Recording studio's
  • Music agencies 
  • Record labels
  • CD duplication
  • Music lessons
  • Sheet music

This site is also perfect for anyone who has an innovative music related product. A good example of such a product would be the Guitar Pick Punch. If you have a similarily innovative product, then this is for you.

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Pricing is currently a flat rate model adjusted every 6 months to account for increased traffic. 

There are 5 zones to advertise in, but only 4 will be filled at a time to avoid ad crowding: 

Zone A - Static text ad in orange bar with a highlighted text link, 1 advertiser per month. Bar follows users even when they scroll down. Roughly 50,000 impressions per months. $15 per month.

Zone B - 460x90 static banner in header image. 1 advertiser only. $20 per month.

Zone C - Sidebar ad, displays inline with sidebar content. Ads can include some text and an image. Animation allowed but no flash. Multiple slots available. $10 per month.

Zone D & E- Maximum exposure slots. Spots are inline with content. Only spot D or E will be filled at a time (not both slots, to avoid ad crowding). Static only. $30 per month.

Discounts are available for long term or package agreements.


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Note on paid links and the no-follow tag: All advertising links on this site are professional, google-policy abiding no-follow links. Advertising on this site is available for the exposure to your brand and traffic to your website. 

It is not available to illegitimately pass on PR to you or your clients websites. You may feel this is unfair, but I'm simply trying to follow Google's rules on this, so that my site can continue producing high-quality traffic without being penalized. 

I also want to keep your site from being penalized (as Google catches on when you make a habit of purchasing links for PR, and they will penalize you sooner or later, wasting your money and time). 

For more info, see Google's article on No-follow links for advertising

Direct quote: "
Google works hard to ensure that it fully discounts links intended to manipulate search engine results, such as excessive link exchanges and purchased links that pass PageRank. If you see a site that is buying or selling links that pass PageRank, let us know. We'll use your information to improve our algorithmic detection of such links."

Use the following form to fill out your Advertising Inquiry where we will be able to:

  • Answer any questions you might have.
  • Work with you on deciding the best zone placements for your ad (depending on what you are advertising)
  • Create ads for you (if you don't already have a graphic designer, I have a highly recommended designer who can design ads for a modest fee)

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Among my friends, it's a "Muller Classic Move" to eat Mcdonald's at 2am because it's cheap and open 24/7. The joke here is that I'm an idiot. 

I play drums, guitar, piano, and I write & perform music for My Goal Is Telepathy. Take a listen to the latest sound here.