"Amy Winehouse- Back to Black"

by Macy Thomas

Amy Winehouse’s second album, “Back to Black, originally released in October of 2006 is a smooth blend of 1960’s classics mixed with rhythm and blues and a little bit of British pop. Her witty, risqué, and “a little out-there” style of writing immediately draws the audience’s attention to her lyrics as she reveals her raw feelings about relationships gone bad and fighting heartbreaks from an adult’s perspective.

Through songs such as “Tears Dry On Their Own” and “Love is a Losing Game” the listener learns of her real life story put to music. Her bluesy style is fused with rockabilly drum beats that add a pop feel to the album keeping it very up-to-date and interesting. One is instantly taken to another time and another place as they don their personal headphones and tap their toes to Amy’s unique take on music.

This British soul musician creates each and every song with a individual slant which adds to a balanced mixture of multiple styles of sound. Mainly, her originality makes the album very unpredictable which is very refreshing in contrast to a techno filled, cookie cutter world of pop music.

In her songs like “Wake Up Alone” and “Back to Black”, the title track, Amy Winehouse captivates her fans with cryptic lyrics about personal experiences with relationships and addictions she has battled, which crescendo in platinum the hit song “Rehab”.

She shows an honest attitude about the way she looks at her mistakes, but still keeps her edgy, bad girl reputation through the song “You know I’m No Good”.

What captures the audiences attention the most, however, is not just the lyrics or the instruments, but Winehouse’s low, raspy voice as she so easily hits the low and the high notes.

Sadly, Amy Winehouse’s sophomore album which trust her into super-stardom would be her last. Amy was found on the twenty-third of July, two thousand eleven from an apparent overdose of alcohol following a several day binge.

The coroner’s report revealed that her blood-alcohol level was five times the legal drinking limit. Winehouse was an incredibly talented Grammy-award winning singer-songwriter and the world will never hear more of her beautiful music that seemed to be so raw and honest as she dealt with many personal issues including the one that took her life.

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