Andrew Answers: Help Me Market My Electronic Project (I feel like I've tried everything already)

by Anthony Alongi

Hey, my name is Anthony Alongi. I came across your site looking into TMV's "Deloused in the Comatorium"- In my opinion, an absolute sonic, performance, production and lyrical masterpiece. Hats off to you as well.

Great job with the break down of the album. I got a lot of juicy insight from your article, it also encouraged me to explore you site a bit more, and I like what I have read.

I wouldn't even bothered to contact you if I didn't have a great deal of respect for your attitude and tastes in music such as Tool, Puscifer, Mike Patton, TMV, Porcupine Tree, you even had Ratatat up there. Nice.

So, let me get to the point. I have tried NUMEROUS things all over the internet, and few things really seemed to have worked. I have found that most "Band Page" websites seem to be a waste of time (I've been on like a hundred of these sites, like Ourstage, InternetDJ, Reverb Nation), and the music just gets lost in the sea of submissions. One of the few sites that has worked for me is a site called (I don't know why, but I moved thousands of plays and downloads here; may be because the DLs are free).

You can check out my music and download it if you like:

Some pay site work pretty well, like, and if you haven't heard of, check that one out, it's pretty awesome.

I know you mentioned Facebook, which I've tried along with Twitter, and I just find them both, and just marketing in general to be extremely frustrating.

So, with the background I've given you my question is, any suggestions?

Please get back to me at your leisure. I appreciate and insight that you may have.


My Reply:

Hey Anthony, I appreciate your really well thought out questions for more suggestions for online music marketing.

First things first, get yourself a bandcamp:

It's dirt cheap (Pretty much free), and musicians really enjoy buying off of there.

2nd, get your music on iTunes and Amazon. The majority of people are comfortable buying from Bandcamp, iTunes, or Amazon. If your music is up in these places, at least you know that anyone who WANTS your music, can buy it.

I checked the link you sent, that's really awesome, especially that you can get the Downloads for free. The streaming service is crappy though (No one likes having to download a file to stream it).

So instead of that, get a sound cloud. Sound cloud is where it's at for music streaming. It loads crazy fast, and can be embedded.

3rd, get your own website. No one takes a musician seriously who doesn't have his own domain. There are lots of close-to-free website builders out there, you often only have to pay for hosting and a small fee for the website.

You'll be wanting to promote your website everywhere. It should have links to the above payment processors (Bandcamp and iTunes and such).

4th: Facebook and Twitter. If you haven't read it already, try Ariel Hyatt's website and search for social media there. It's a great website for learning how to utilize Facebook and Twitter for your music, and I highly recommend it (Along with "Music Success in 9 Weeks").

I will mention that some of these instructions can be basic (Instructions on how to start a Facebook account), but other instructions are really useful (How to target Twitter users who like music similar to yours, so you can make them YOUR fans).

Let's just start there. I would also recommend putting your Facebook and Twitter URL's on a sheet during your shows (You ARE playing shows, right?) so that people who see you play live can find you and connect with you. Actually, if you put a banner up behind you while you played, you could put that information up for everyone to see (A banner is a must have; often people who walk in half-way through a set don't even know the band's name).

Hope that helps! Once you've done those things, feel free to come back and ask again :)

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