The Top 10 Music Videos of 2007

Oh Man, I am getting so excited to write this article now. I now have the honor to write such an amazing article about some of the best music to grace us throughout last year! So get ready.

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#10: Thriller - Fall Out Boy

WOW! i can't believe what an awesomely kool song this! i mean LOLZ it is soo awesome. First, there is this kool rapping guy and he's all saying "WE DEDICATE THIS SONG TO ANYBODY THAT PEOPLE SAID COULDN'T MAKE IT! TO THE FANS THAT HELD US DOWN TILL EVERYBODY CAME AROUND!". Wow I mean, I thought that i could nevar make it too...but i feel like Fall Out Boy is speaking right to me!

But not only that, then this awsome heavy guitar comes in, I feel like sum heavy metal guy or something. LOLZ! And that riff is so awesome too, i feel like I heard it sumwhere else, but I can't remember where. Maybe ill turn the channel from that black car guy show to mtv.....wait it's the same channel. WHERE WAS THAT RIFF FROM?!?!?! Nevermind, anyways this song roxs! I mean look at som of the awsome lyrics they have!!!::

  • "I found the safest place to keep all our old mistakes"
  • "Every dot com's refreshing for a journal update"

I mean, how long must that have taken to cum up with? He's saying how liek he keeps all his mistakes in his head cause you know people cant get in their unless the were to liek drill his head or something, like that would ever happen, What is this star Trek or something? And then he's all saying "dot com" like the word, even though it would be like " .com". That is sooo cool!

#9: The Take Over, The Breaks Over - Fall Out Boy

oh MAN this song is cool. Just looking at the music video, I mean it like zooms into his dogs eye and is all like in his mind and stuff. And you can tell that these guys have a sense of humor because the dog is dreaming about fire hydrants, which is soo funny cause dogs pee all over hydrants1!!!1 And then its funnie again because he sees a mailguy and then the guy starts dancing and its cool cause music videos have people who dance.But then it gets really weird cause then the singer guy gets a cat for a head, but i think its really deep too cause dogs and cats dont get along, and its a dogs dream.

oh man, and then there are sum hott!!11! girls who are dressed like cats. It's like josie and the pussycats...and they are cool, but without guitar.s

#8: This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race - Fall Out Boy

So okay, this one all starts out like that song they did before called dance dance! And that song wuz wicked sick! I mean, okay, check this out, these lyrics:

  • I am an arms dealer
  • Fitting you with weapons in the form of words

I mean, the type of imagery that is shown here, is just impeccable. I mean like weapons, but with words. Because I know that words can be just as harmful as weapons because you can hurt peoples feelings and that makes them feel sad, and you can scar people for life! It can be worse than being stabbed with a real knife, but an imaginary knife!

Shown Above: Man this guy has such spunk! Look at that, he almost fingered someone, but I think that's not quite his middle finger. But he was trying to finger someone, and in public? He is so my idol for helping me to know that i can be a rebel to!

But this video gets even better. Its' so funnie because this guy shoves this huge schlong down his pants. I mean, where the heck do they come up with this stuff? I don't think I have ever heard of a band doing that before!!1! So cool. Oh My Gosh! I just saw that the guy on without a paddle is in this video! I love it when famous actors go do cool things like this!

#7: I'm Like A Lawyer The Way I'm Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You)

This video touched me so much. Oh my gosh, it shows all these people in Uganda and shows how much life sucks over there so bad . :( LOLZ! And how they have to like pick with an axe in the mud to make is so sad what terrible lives they live. but it is OK! because all those people get to watch Fall out boy on the TV and have a huge LOL on their cable television!

I'm so glad fall out boy cares, because sometimes I think no one in this world cares anymore. I don't know how the people in this video can smile so much, because I can see how much it sux there, i'm so glad they can be happy in such a terribel place as well! I mean, they even have to play soccer (I think stupid europeans think its called football) with a basketball.

I think its cool as well because like, the band is playing in Uganda in a field. Which show that THEY ACTUALLY WENT THERE! They aren't like other bands who just talk the talk, they actually went there!

That turd Bono actually accepted an award for when he cares bout people in other countries. What a HYPOCRITE!

But it gets so sad in the video, because then they start getting shot, but I'm not really sure what happened exactly. I think they are dancing some of the time, which is good though because when you are getting shot at you should dance to take your mind off of it.

And it's awesome at the end, because this old lady (she is really old, i mean like, her skin is falling off her bones or something) says that they need to do better for their children. And I totally believe in that.

#6: Hum Hallelujah - Fall Out Boy

This song is cool because the drums sound so kool. They reall excentuate how good it is, and they are deep to.I don't really know what Hum Hallelujah means, but it is probably a christian thing or something. I really think the song is a christmas Carol....OMG THIS SONG SHOULD BE A CHRISTMAS CAROL! IT WOULD BE THE COOLEST THING EVAR!LOLZ!!1!

Yeeah I think that would be so sweet. Because I already love christmas, and I love fall out boy. And If I combine the two it would make it 5 times as good. You know because 2 is better than one...

But you have to watch out for those people who don't like christmas, which doesn't make any sense because thats when my Parents buy me like 50 presents. but one year I only got like 39 presents.

I hate my parents that way.

They treat me so baddddd. Like one time we went to the dairy queen (even though I didn't want to go, i hate my parents) and when we were at the dairy queen my mom was like "oh that girl at the counter was looking at you" and I was all like "mom don't say stupid things like that you whore" and she was like, "oh honey please don't call me names". Can you believe how they treat me?

#5: Golden - Fall Out Boy

Ok, this one is awesome. It starts with piano. I mean, who else uses piano like that? They are so unique!

And then he starts talking about like what a monster he is. Check these out:

  • And all of the mothers raise their babies
  • To stay away from me

How cool is that right? its cool because he doens't say boring things like "I'm not a good guy" but he uses other words to describe it.

Like saying "i am like a frying pan to the balls" because that is not good and hurts (I know so bad, because just last week this guy ran up to me while I was working at Mcdonalds and told me to stop wearing girls jeans, and then I said that I like how they feel, and he grabbed the Mcdonalds frying pan and hit me in the nuts!) and you know that i would not be good because you know getting hit in the nards isn't good either.

#4: Thnks Fr Th Mmrs - Fall Out Boy

Ok, this one i think is stupid at just at the beginning of the music video because there is a monkey that IS DIRECTING THE VIDEO! But not only that, there are monkeys on the cameras and playing instruments. That doesn't even make sense because we all know monkeys can't do that. Frick, it is just the only problem I have with this music video, but it bugz me soo much LOL!

But on another note, I really love how the lead singer always does this thing with his fingers like he is snapping them to a jazz song. But get this...IT ISN'T EVEN JAZZ! I think that is so diverse! Just thought you guys should know, because he does it in like every video.

I never understood how there could be an eveil monkey in famly guy! Monkeys are animals lol1!They cant be evil1!

It was funny though when the monkey was beating him at chess. MONKEYS CANT PLAY CHESS LOLZ!

I also really thought it was neat how the Fall out Boy guy used Axe to make him smell Good. I thought it was so weird because I USE AXE TOO!! I must be just as unique as i am so sure i can make it as a rocker.

Not only that, but after he sprayed it the girl monkey soo wanted him. But I thought that was only like on the commercials for axe, i didn't realize this actually worked. I mean, now theres proof because even fall out boy says it works. And its not like they would ever lie, even if...OMG imagine this crazy. Not to say this could ever happen, but what if liek AXE offered Fall out boy money to use it...wouldn't that be crazy! But even if they did, the point i am making is that fall out boy would say NO WAY MAN! WE DON"T SELL OUT TO ANYONE.

IM JUST TRYING TO MAKE THE oh sorry i left caps on LOL@! I was just trying to make the point that fall out boy is so real, and would never sell out. Thats what I meant when i started talking from their point of view, even though some less smart people (like girls) wouldn't get it if I didn't explain.

One last note for this song was that i really thought it was cool how he smashed the stage and stuffs too. Because like, i thought that was really cool and new too. I really believe that fall out boy is setting a new standard for liek rockers and stuff. I seriously am gonna have a diarrhea attack if they don't stop coming up with new and original stuff!!1!

#3: Don't You Know Who I Think I Am? - Fall Out Boy

The only thing I have to say about this song is the amazing lyrics (as always!!!). Especially this one line I thought wuz kool!:

  • A penny for your thoughts but a dollar for your insides

I liked it cause he's talking about how in the society, no one really cares (expect fall out boy) about what you think, they just like you for how you look.

Even though it says "insides"i think it is talking about organs, and your skin is an organ (are you impressed that I knew that? I actually did take up to grade 11 biology and passed with a high C, so you should be impressed)so when he's saying they only care about insides, its your organs, which is your skin, which is how you look. And I just really think that is awesome!

#2: The (After) Life Of The Party - Fall Out Boy

I just really like this song, I kinda only really put it on the list because Fall out Boy did it. Just go listen to it and you will like it a lot because it is good and taht is good!

#1: The Carpal Tunnel Of Love - Fall Out Boy

Well this comes to the last song on the list. This music video is unique because it uses a cartoon (and its the happy tree friends!) that can illustrate the point its making! I especially liked it when the squirrel got stung in the eye and it all poofed up. And then the moose blows his nose ALL OVER the love notes which is kinda gross.......................................FALL OUT BOY LOLZ!!!1

But it seriosly grossed me out so much at the end when everyone started dying so gross...but I liked it. I guess I am just kinda dark that way, like even in the theatres I sumtimes laugh when people die and stuff, I don't really think it is all that funny, but I think people will not take me as such a joke if I laugh.

Anyways...that is the end of the list. Goodbye.

Obsidian Rain, Writer

-Obsidian Rain, Writer

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