Between Blue-The Beggar's Park EP

There is a short summer rain falling outside, no running in the bright sunlight, no bonding with friends in the woods today. Yet I sit here content, I am cool and dry in my house, eating a nice warm lunch and listening to the calm harmonious sound that is Between Blue.

Between Blue is a group of talented and dedicated young men hailing from Middletown, DE. If your looking for a break from the usual, this is it! The band defines themselves as Indie and Folk Rock, and their EP The Beggar’s Park consists of three incredibly soothing tracks.

First off, the band kicks off the EP with the song “Little Flash Of Light”. This track begins with a pretty clean guitar and the bands slight alteration of Amazing Grace. The song then picks up and you hear the chemistry of the instrumental aspect of this band and some very nice harmony between all the singers. I think my favorite part is when the music slows down significantly and you hear the lead singer and the guitars at around 3:47, then the rest of the band enters and you hear everyone singing together in perfect harmony, it really send chills up my spine.

Now before we move on to the next track, you may be wondering about the band’s religion, where are all of these references to God coming from? “Just know that we are Christians in a band, writing about what is on our hearts. I feel that's what is the defining factor between Contemporary Christian Bands and us.” says bassist and vocalist Matt, “It’s all about authenticity”. That says it all, this band is authentic, from their xylophone to the group vocals and the originality of their lyrics. Having been to a few shows, I can tell you that it’s great fun and the band members are all pretty cool also.

The next song “Compelling” comes in kicking with a nice rhythm section and some cool guitar parts with light distortion. You’ll hear more group vocals in this song, as with every song on the EP, and I feel that really defines the band musically since you don’t hear that too much, and when you do its not done as well as these guys do it. The lyrics are again, very original, and this song is soft yet slightly upbeat compared to the previous track, and it sounds professionally done. The mastering is about flawless, as you can hear every instrument very well yet the vocalists come in so clear over all the sound creating a perfectly balanced recording. Its really worthy to be on XM/Sirius’ premiere alternative station, AltNation.

The last song Tin Cans Rattling (Wherever It Beats), is possibly my favorite song on this EP. Is it the catchy guitar riff in the beginning, the awesome drumming, the snazzy woodwind instrument, or the amazing singing? I’ll never know for sure, maybe its the catchy lyrics. However, this song gets in my head and doesn’t leave. It makes you want to get up and dance outside, and I know it puts me in a good mood, its happy and peaceful. You’ll hear the full range of the vocals here, and some incredible transitions in the instrumental area. This is hands-down the best Between Blue song in my opinion. But hey, that's just me.

To sum up this little review on a little EP that will probably make it big, I have three things to say. One, if you live in the Maryland, Delaware, or Pennsylvania area, and this band plays near you, just go. Don’t think twice, go to the show.

There's no mosh pit, but you’ll meet some incredible people, have a great time, and probably end up supporting a great cause. Second: if you like the music, contact the band about getting an EP by mail, its five dollars, and you get a great 3 songs to support a great band. Third: watch out for this band’s upcoming full length album. Have a great listen too by the way! I know I sure do again and again.


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