My Between The Buried And Me Concert Experience

The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues Tour

Date: April 29th 2011
Venue: El Corazon, Seattle WA

Traveling 3 hours south to Seattle is not necessarily what most people might consider a good time.

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Traveling 3 hours to see Between The Buried and Me in one of the most spectacular shows any Metal fan (or other fan) could wish to experience…

…now that’s another story.

Even including getting your car searched at the border (and having to write down all my possessions, I definitely wrote “Jelly Beans” as a possession) couldn’t ruin the thrill that this concert brought.

3 days later, I’m still high off of the experience, and my drive to become a better musician has shot through the roof. I even spent a day (taken off work) just playing guitar, and learning the Colors Album (I’ve got the first 3 songs down, Sun Of Nothing is proving to be quite difficult!).

Opener: Job For A Cowboy

What with being searched at the border, and my best friend forgetting his passport (putting us in total about 2 hours behind schedule), we weren’t able to see all the opening acts, but we were able to catch the complete set from Job for a Cowboy.Or you know, the complete crap from them.

Job for a Cowboy’s performance can only be described as un-memorable. Full of growling and mainly indistinguishable guitar riffs, their music is definitely designed for people who come to a concert just to thrash around and let the anger of their terrible childhood be released in a wrath of arm flailing and hardcore dancing.

Derp derp derp!

I suppose if you fit that criteria, they would be an awesome band. I won’t act like they weren’t well rehearsed, but I have a gut-feeling that BTBAM specifically put them just before them in order to create a juxtaposition that would do nothing less than make them look a whole lot better.

Not that they needed to, but it certainly does make their performance much more of a relief after following the likes of Job for A Cowboy.

They end their set, and the crowd begins to get antsy. The anticipation of what everyone knows is going to be an incredible performance grows. I chat with a few guys around me who just came “because their friends brought them”. They’ve never even heard Between The Buried and Me before.

Looks like they are in for more than a pleasant surprise.

The Hypersleep Dialogues

Between The Buried And Me starts the entire night off by playing their new EP in it’s entirety.

As the lights dim, the pre-recorded and haunting orchestra plays. As it hits the 60 second mark, I start to get a bit worried. I know the song (Specular Reflection) Is about to take off, but I can’t see Paul Waggoner and his amazing fingers anywhere!

And then last minute, about 10 seconds before the pre-recorded track ends, the band walks onto stage. The look reserved, and if they’re nervous; they definitely don’t show it at all.The song takes off, and the entire venue explodes.

Tommy Rogers' intensity glares at the crowd in a fiery gaze. The veins in his face project straight into our minds.

We are certainly in the presence of great musicians; some of the best in the world.

(This is a video that a fan took of this exact show. The Audio is terrible, but it can help give you an idea of the intensity of the show)

When I first heard the new EP, I wasn’t entirely sure what I thought of it. But just as with Colors, hearing the piece live brought the message of the band to life.

As they hit the first high-singing chorus, shivers run down pretty much everyone’s spine in the entire building. It’s so catchy and fulfilling, you can’t help but sing along.

Let me paint that scene for you again. Metal fellows, with some of the longest hair and largest tattoo’s you’ve ever seen, as well as guys that look like this:

All singing along in unison, to some of the highest melodies you’ve ever heard.

Between the Buried and Me truly captures this audience, and took a large chunk of my heart with them.

I’ve heard that the band switched over to using Axe FX Modeled tones, instead of using their tube amps.

Now most people would consider modeled tones to never be as good as a tube amp tone, but let me tell you that not only can you not notice, but you can notice. And what I mean in that, is that the tones are actually the sweetest guitar tones I’ve ever heard.

I said that exact thing to myself (even with the same verbiage!) during the concert.

I just thought I would mention how cool I thought that was, and it shows the strides we are making in technology (You no longer have to have to most complicated setup in the world to have an awesome rig, you just need $2000 and a guitar).

I would expect that much of their tone also comes from their customer Paul Reed Smith guitars, but I don’t want to get too stuck on tone.

I will say that this concert inspired me to get my very own Axe FX, which I will be saving up for now that I’ve seen what it can do.

The Set

After performing their new EP, the band continues on to play the rest of their set.

Set List:

  1. Specular Reflection
  2. Augment of Rebirth
  3. Lunar Wilderness
  4. Sun of Nothing
  5. Ants of the Sky
  6. Guitar Solo
  7. Swim to the Moon - (Instrumental Excerpt)
  8. Drum Solo
  9. Fossil Genera - A Feed From Cloud Mountain
  10. Encore:
  11. Selkies: The Endless Obsession

They play through Sun of Nothing perfectly, and transition flawlessly into Ants of the Sky (as expected). One of the highlights of Ants of the Sky was definitely when the band breaks into their country breakdown.

All the metal guys in the audience immediately started doing dosey-dos and country arm linking.

It was pretty much like this, only with more tattoo's...

What was hilarious was the Guitar solo that Paul played after these two songs. The whole band just decided they would break into some…

…commercial jingle riff.

It was incredibly odd, in Between The Buried And Me’s clownish ways (See Coulrophobia) they turned a really lame jingle (I’m not kidding, I swear it’s off some sort of Gameshow or Travelocity TV ) into something frankly pretty awesome.

I guess you just had to be there…

They then go through the middle of Swim to The Moon, which is mainly the jam that goes in the middle of the song. From there, the band members walk off stage for a break, yet Blake Richardson sticks to the drums and plays a solid 3 minute drum solo.

(See 5:07 for the drum solo!)

Some parts of the solo get so intense, you’re not even sure how humanly possible it is (Keep in mind, the rest of the band members are getting a break at this time, but he just has to keep playing!).

I should mention that his new hair (He used to keep short hair) looks wickedly…virtuous, like a monk or a trained Chinese warrior.

Between The Buried And Me finishes the set with Fossil Genera. Now, it’s not really one of my favorite songs, and the original piano riff, although stunning when I first heard it, has kind of gotten old for me. Nevertheless, the band still plays it flawlessly. I would say it was one of the more weak parts of the show though (they still played it flawlessly!)

Encore: Selkies

Now I’ll be honest, I definitely asked my friend, Braden Adams; who saw the show the night before (in Vancouver), what the encore would be; so I already knew what was coming (and I probably ruined a few people’s nights by telling them beforehand).

But I digress…or whatever.

This song was insane. It’s hard to even describe how intense it was.

First off, they started the song by very slowly playing the opening riff for Selkies. Tommy started by playing it at about Quarter speed (With staccato notes). Then he stopped, and Paul answered him in Jazz Solo style. Blake then copied on the drums (which were tuned chromatically apparently?), and then Dan on bass.

When it came to Dustie’s turn to play the riff, he wasn’t paying attention and was off to the side talking with the sound man. The whole band stops and looks at him; with huge grins on their faces.

“Dude, it’s your turn!”

He stumbles back on stage in an extremely comical fashion, and this time nails the riff. Everyone cheers, and the song starts.And as quickly as it started, it ends again. I’m not going to describe the song, as I’m sure you already know what it sounds like. But it was flawless, intense, and sweet sweet music to anyone’s ears.

We get out of the concert, and I pick up a t-shirt at the merch table. Now for an excellent 3-hour long drive home, featuring Myself and Mike rapping over top of Flying Lotus and Tipper songs.

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