Biphasic Sleep For Musicians Day 13

Day 13 of biphasic sleep was another fairly rough day in terms of tiredness. I'm getting a bit frustrated with the whole thing by this point, but I'm continuing on for a few more days before I change it up.

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  • 7:30am - I was quite drowsy when I woke up, but it was much easier still than yesterday.

Part of the struggle had to do with it being preposterously hot outside, which is starting to dehydrate me and give me a headache when I wake up in the mornings.

  • 9am - I've been going back and forth between being tired and being alert. Lots of it has to do with how active I'm being.

If I sit down and do computer work, I typically get tired within a half hour.

If I'm up and about and walking around though, I feel quite awake.

These are still not desired results though.

  • 8:45pm - I took my nap at 7, and woke up feeling tired. It was not as nice as yesterday's nap though.

One thing I have been noticing, is that I'm consistently waking up several minutes before the timer. I noticed a few days ago that I would wake up before the timer, but I figured it was just a coincidence.

The day thus far has not left me overwhelmed with confidence. This is supposed to be the equivalent of day 6, so I should really be feeling a lot better today.

Mind you, the heatwave tends to take energy out of anyone caught in its crosshairs, so it's possible that it might be contributing.

If I stayed active today, I didn't get too tired. At around 5:30pm I was really wanting to nap, but I waited till 7 anyways and it was fine.

I'm thinking more and more about how I might plan to extend the sleep pattern, and my only solution so far would be to increase my sleep during the night.

I really like being able to get up early everyday, so I don't want to lose that benefit at all. Extending my night sleep I feel would really help out.

  • 12am - I spent an hour or so writing music in the new Reason 7. I didn't find myself to have any problems with creativity because of my sleep.
  • 1:45am - I remember now that some of my best days that I've done this were done on 5 hours of sleep, so tonight I set my timer for an extra half hour. We will see if it makes much of an improvement by tomorrow!

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