Biphasic Sleep For Musicians Day 3

Last night I didn't go to bed until 3am, so I slept until 7:45am, which is a total of 5 hours of sleep (instead of my regular 4.5).

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Today was easier for me to wake up than yesterday, but I feel it was because I'm just more used to being tired, and my discipline might be increasing, rather than my body physically adjust to the change.

Although I definitely still felt very tired, I didn't have that same lethargic feeling that I would normally feel when I have to wake up early, so that might be a sign of some physical adaptation.

Hourly Notes

  • 8:30am - Still tired, I feel that my awareness is quite low today.
  • 8:40am - Got started on my computer, and engaged myself in some activity. I started to feel slightly less tired because of this.
  • 9:30am - Staying busy has been key. I found myself vacuuming and cleaning out of the fear that if I stop moving, I'll get drowsy. I did some more work on the computer, and for a while I forgot that I was tired. If I'm busy, I can often forget that I'm doing this thing at all.
  • 9:50am - I did the psychomotor vigilance test and scored 301 milliseconds, which is rated suboptimal.
  • 10:30am - Staying busy has served me well. Today is not as bad as yesterday, but it's still not great.
  • 11am - I feel pretty great right now! I've been working hard on some jobs, and it's really invigorated me. Today is definitely better than yesterday was. I'm really hoping for some similar improvement tomorrow!
  • 12pm - My head is still continually a bit groggy, but overall I'm feeling fairly good. I'm motivated to do stuff, and I'm also looking forward to my nap.
  • 12:30pm - I had a sudden onset of drowsiness. I'm used to being tired by now, so it's easy to fend it off. I'm not even considering actually sleeping until I've scheduled, which is a good sign. I guess once you get far enough into into this sleep schedule, it becomes easier to keep doing it.
  • 2pm - I feel somewhat energetic  but I can tell it is a superficial energy. I can tell that underlying this energy, my body and mind are quite tired.
  • 2:30-4pm - I decided to nap from 2:30ish to around 4. I decided on the early sleep time because I was making food for the soup kitchen from 4:30-6pm, and I didn't want to be tired during the work. 

Unlike yesterday's early nap, which was interrupted and non-regenerative, today I fell asleep quite quickly, and quite deeply.

I also woke up in an incredibly alert state. When my alarm went off, my torso literally sprung out of my bed. I still felt tired enough that I wanted to sleep more, but I was equally ready to wake up and just go at it.

Once again, it's possible that I'm just realizing that I don't need to feel awake to be motivated, but I really do think my mind is beginning to genuinely adjust to the changes. It's not JUST discipline that's growing (although that is certainly happening too).

  • 5:40pm - Working in the soup kitchen, I've been so busy that I haven't even really noticed that I'm tired. My nap served me very well. I now have a fair amount more confidence that I'm going to be able to do this for the full few weeks that I want to, if not longer.
  • 7:10pm - After getting home and sitting down, drowsiness hit me fairly quickly. I wanted to nap, but I knew I couldn't!
  • 7:40pm - Still very drowsy and wanting to nap.
  • 8:45pm - Still wanting to sleep quite badly. Fairly drowsy. I wonder if I should have taken my nap a bit later than I did, so that the nap would last later into the night.
  • 10:10pm - After taking a shower, I've become very exhausted. Before I showered, I felt somewhat energetic for a bit. But not that I've gotten out, I'm dead! I have to move around to stay energetic.
  • 10:30pm-1:30am - I went to my friend Tim's house to play Age of Empires 2. During the game, I didn't notice my tiredness too much (unless we were getting our butts kicked, in which case I lost my focus on the game and started thinking about my tiredness). I'm heading to bed for 2am tonight!

As you can tell from my notes above, engaging in activities and moving around has been a key factor in my sanity. 

Doing these things has allowed me to still have a somewhat pleasant and happy day, even though I feel so lagged down by sleep.

Overall, day 3 has been better than day 2. I was very worried last night that I wouldn't be able to wake up on my own (Mike went home), but I did it just fine. 

It's interesting to try and explain this whole sleep method to different people. Some are incredulous, and don't take it seriously, but they still want to "humor" me, or at least be polite about it.

Other people are more blunt about saying that they think it's bologna. It's a different way of thinking, and I can see the negative peer pressure becoming a big issue for anyone who wants to try it.

To be honest, there are some points where I would rather have not mentioned it at all, so at least I don't need to defend myself.

All I know, is that at the end of all of this, if it works I'll be able to continue on with the full confidence of saying "Well I feel incredibly energetic and not tired at all. What do you think of that?"

I feel it would be hard to debate me on such a topic if I'm living & breathing proof that such a schedule working just fine.

Of course, if might not work out. So I'll try not to open my mouth too much, lest I regret it later.

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