Biphasic Sleep For Musicians Day 8

So yesterday was a bit of a screw up in my biphasic sleep schedule, but I've decided not to worry about it too much, because there are only 2 ways this can go down.

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  1. My body still remembers the biphasic sleep schedule that it's on, and I don't have to start over from the beginning, or...
  2. I start over from the beginning, having to repeat the dreaded day 2.

I'm willing to go through either of these options, so there's no reason to get overly discouraged.

I want to mention that yesterday was a pretty rough day for me in the mental health department. I felt quite depressed after having a full night of sleep, and hardly got any work done.

Made me wish I was back on my biphasic sleep! Well now I am, so I'll enjoy it!

  • 7am - Today I woke up feeling tired, but became awake and aware within 20 minutes. I still can't tell if my body is just used to the biphasic sleep, or if I'm just starting over at day 1 because of my oversleeping. I will know which one it is by tomorrow afternoon for sure.
  • 8:40am - I have a veil of tiredness over most of what I do. I'm sure something like a coffee would fix that, but I can't do it, or I could mess with my REM sleep!
  • 1:50pm - I've been feeling pretty decent all day. Once again, I'll know more tomorrow, but today has been going fairly swell. I'm expecting to be a bit more tired tomorrow, but then to go nose up after that.

Community Reception

I've been struggling a fair amount with the lack of support from the people around me. I've been faced with many different straw man arguments against what I'm doing, even though I can't (and neither can they) find a single study that's been done about this schedule long term.

I hear things like "having a poor sleep schedule for years makes you more susceptible to disease!"... if that applies to my situation. Of course, you would first have to pre-suppose that it's a poor sleep schedule long term for that to even apply (if I believed that, I never would have started it in the first place).

Don't get me wrong though, I'm perfectly willing to accept any studies that have been done with this sleep schedule, but no one seems to be able to offer any.

Of course, that doesn't stop anyone from dogmatically asserting that it's a poor sleep schedule.

Go figure, but it's becoming quite frustrating for me when people try to use "science" to disprove my experiment, but then fail to provide any actual science. It's funny because I never bring science up in the first place, I just say I'm trying something new, and out comes the fiery arrows.

I, of course, have to end the conversation with a call to any real evidence. Whenever I get to this point, the conversation usually ends very quickly.

If you've found any medical studies done with this specific biphasic sleep schedule, please send them my way so I can include it in my experiment findings!

I've eventually just come to the conclusion that I'm not going to receive any support for this within my community, which I'm okay with. At first I expected some people to egg me on a little bit, so the lack of support was a disappointment to me.

Now that I've changed my expectations, I expect I won't be disappointed anymore.

  • 4:40pm - at around 3 I went down for a nap. I was nervous that I would have trouble with it, but I ended up sleeping the full 1.5 hours fairly uninterrupted

I woke up into a state of full alertness (not drowsy) within 2 minutes. It wasn't very hard to get up, and I didn't feel too tired

  • 9:25pm - I still feel quite energetic and awake. My full 1.5 hour nap really had amazing effects on my alertness. Today is a great day!
  • 11:30pm - I'm starting to get fairly tired now. I feel somewhat exhausted from the day, but I still need to stay up a few hours to stay on track, so I will.
  • 1:10am - I'm quite tired at this point, and naturally just want to fall asleep now. So I'm going to let myself!

Things aren't really shaking up too much now. I'm going to update tomorrow to see if things have changed much (because of the accidental sleep-in I had), but other than that I will try and keep updates short and focused only on original changes in my mood, rather than a drawn-out play by play.

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