Biphasic Sleep For Musicians Day 9

Getting up today was really rough. Because I didn't go to bed until about 1:15am, I woke up much earlier than normal at about 6am.

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6 is the earliest I've woken up so far, which I bet is making me more tired (even though I slept for the same amount of time). Today is a repeat of my original "day 2" since I overslept on day 6, so I'm not incredibly shocked that I'm tired.

We'll see how the rest of the day goes to see if I really am "starting over".

  • 7:10am - I'm much more awake than when I woke up. I've been working on things for the last hour, so the fact that I'm alert enough to do that means something.
  • 7:23am - Feeling some drowsiness come over me. Today is definitely worse than yesterday.
  • 8:54am - Feeling exceptionally tired. There's nothing I want more right now than a big 'ol nap.
  • 9:30am - After drinking a smoothie, I feel much more awake and alert than I previously did.
  • 11am - I was feeling fine for a while, but then I got hit by a wave of drowsiness. I feel like I'm back to "stay active so you don't get drowsy" mode.
  • 6:49pm - at 1pm I had to bike to my accountant's house to do some of my taxes, as well as to the US/Canada border to pick up Reason 7 and a new audio interface (FocusRite Sapphire Pro 24). I ended up biking 24km, which is 10x what I am used to doing in a day.

I napped after, but I was only able to sleep for an hour (not the full 1.5) due to outside noise.

I don't feel too groggy, although I definitely feel weird. I really strained and pushed my body, so at this point it's hard to make any accurate thoughts about how I'm feeling.

  • 10:35pm - I've been watching movies with friends tonight. I haven't really noticed myself being too tired, though my head sometimes isn't really thinking right.

Overall I'm fairly energetic though, so that's a positive sign! 

  • 2:39am - Holy cow am I tired. I can't wait to just fall asleep here!

I would say that this day really was similar to my original day 2, except easier in every way, which means that my body still has some of the adjustments that it made in the first week of the biphasic sleep schedule.

Day 10

  • 7:30am - Waking up was difficult, but it wasn't as bad as day 9, so I'm happy to see some improvements there.
  • 9am - It took me over an hour to really wake up, but now I'm feeling a bit better. I still am not as good as I was doing on day 6, so that's discouraging.

If you were try this modified biphasic sleep schedule out yourself, make sure you set several alarms! Oversleeping is very depressing because you feel like you're starting over again. Don't let it happen.

If it does though, just continue on as you were and deal with the consequences, they really aren't that unpleasant. It's just a bummer to feel like you're going backwards.

  • 8:50pm - By around 4pm (while playing Age of Empires 2) I was starting to get a bit drowsy, but I did my best to stay really active by doing archery for a few hours. That worked really well for keeping myself alert.

I went and took my nap around 7ish and woke at 8:30. I still felt somewhat tired though, and not nearly as alert as I could be. I can't wait for a few more days where I'll be much more alert.

I ended up going to bed around 3am. For the last 1.5 hours of my day, I was quite tired and probably would have rather gone to bed earlier.

Today was very similar to my original day 3 actually, just easier. It seems like things are going in a very predictable pattern; much more predictable than I would have predicted!

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