Blink-182: They Still Have It After All These Years

by Vicki Georges
(Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania)

Blink 182

Blink 182

One might think that an overcast sky and a group of over-aged and over-played musicians would be the perfect concoction for a horrible show, but Blink-182 are both musicians and entertainers that can make their shows so worthwhile.

Although Blink-182 is an almost twenty-year-old punk rock band that was popular to in the 90s, they come alive while on stage, despite having been on hiatus for over five years and playing in a disappointing venue with disappointing openers.

Blink-182 is on tour in Canada and all across America in major cities and arenas, such as Boston, Chicago, Virginia Beach, and in particular Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Upon entering the Hershey Park Pavilion, one is greeted by a ridiculously long line only to be felt up by security. After waiting in an oddly placed line for a ridiculous amount of time to enter the stadium, one is encouraged to open their wallet and spend money to support the arena and the band.
Everyone knows that going to a concert is expensive and it’s inevitable to spend a good chunk of money. First and foremost, the food and drinks were overpriced, but it was still tempting to forked over three dollars for a crappy concert soft pretzel.

It was very impressive, though to find a Brita ® water filter tent handing out free water. As for the t-shirts, though? There was a limited quantity of t-shirts for sale, and they weren’t even attractive at all!

The majority of t-shirts were poor quality with cheap-looking graphics sprawled out on the shirts. The “girls” shirt were basically the same thing, except having a tighter fit. In addition to the hideous design, they were thirty dollars. Thirty dollars for a made-in-China t-shirt? Good one, Blink-182.

The Hershey Park arena is very spacious, but it is extremely outdated. The bathrooms looked so sketchy and appeared to not have been remodeled since the nineteen-seventies. Actually, the whole arena itself appeared to not have been updated. The concert area itself was set up poorly.

There was seating right up front, in the back, and on the sides. Obviously the people right in the spitting-zone of the stage had good seats, but as for the rest of the seating? Horrendous. The middle and sides of the arena are really not that bad for viewing the stage, but as for those who wanted to save money on a ticket and sit in the back? Good luck with making out the tiny figures on stage. However, his is something to be expected at every concert, especially considering price.

For the most part, lawn tickets were on sale for about twenty to thirty dollars. But obviously the closer to the stage, the more the price increases. To be up close and center to Blink-182 could cost almost five hundred dollars. Blink-182 is a great band, but who in their right mind would pay that much to just see a band?

It took forever for the actual concert to get started. It is understandable to be fashionably late, but it did take a bit too long for Blink to come onstage. The first band to open was Manchester Orchestra, and the official opening act was My Chemical Romance.

These bands have no resemblance in genre or in talent to Blink-182, and it is unfathomable that they are even on tour together. This created a weird mix of people at the concert. There were people who were older and obviously at the concert to see Blink-182: their die-hard fans. Then there were teenyboppers who probably didn’t know any Blink-182 songs and were there for the opening acts.

Despite the location of the concert and pricing, Blink-182 is a great band and makes one forget about negative downsides. After waiting for what appeared to be an eternity, the band sauntered on stage and opened with their hit, “Feeling This.” The lights on stage were ablaze, and the crowd roared with energy.

Their set was intoxicating – but literally it was because of the smell of weed and booze everywhere.

They played hit singles from their albums throughout the years – it was a good blend of old school and new Blink-182. To complement these songs, Blink-182 had a great lighting and special effects director.

Each song had a different lighting sequence or had awesome graphics playing on the screen behind the band.

In between songs the members would talk and make jokes, which was enjoyable because their personalities and their love for their music shined through. In between one song, Mark, the lead singer, yelled out that there was a praying mantis on stage. Little did the audience know, however, that there was literally a praying mantis on stage.

The guys attempted to play through this realization, but the praying mantis began to move around on stage and distracted them. Although this insect took a good junk out of Blink’s set, it was hilarious and showed that Blink-182 is a group of hilarious guys who know how to have a great time and include the audience in their concert.

The culmination of the concert was sad because such a great set ended even though they had so many other good songs to play. Thanks to a voracious crowd that screamed for more songs, Blink-182 came out again to play a few encore songs, their last song being an old-time favorite, “Dammit.”

What is awesome about Blink is that despite being an “old school” band, their songs are classics, easily recognizable, and likeable. Even today in movies, commercials, or TV shows, Blink songs are used. Blink-182 is a great band that unfortunately was on tour with a band that could not reach its caliber and was in a stadium that would make even regular concertgoers annoyed. Overall, though, Blink-182 still has “it,” and their concert was totally worth it.

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