Concert Promoters Corner: The Pro's and Con's To Organizing An All Ages Show (Part 2)

In Concert Promoters Corner Part 1 we talked about the advantages to hosting an all ages show, how you can target a younger audience as well as avoid additional costs of a liquor license for your show.

In concert promoters corner part 2 we will be talking about some of the bad things that come along with organizing an all ages show.

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His website is a bit hokey (Flaming guitars? Seriously?), but his program really shows independant artists how to get a leg-up on signed artists.

All Ages Show Con's:

Well Uh…No Drunken Fools!

As I said before, you won't really have any drunk people at your show. Not only can that really have a interesting effect on the atmosphere of your show, but it can also have an effect on the amount of money you make.

Now I'm not talking about the amount of people who come to your show (I'll discuss that later). I'm talking about what they buy when they are there.

To be brutally honest (I feel slightly immoral saying this)…

…inebriated individuals are much more likely to part with their money.

More likely to buy merchandise, and if you are selling beer you obviously can make a lot of money from that.

Now I generally don't condone drunken behavior (I'm a stickler for enjoying things without distorted perceptions of the world), but this is just something that most concert promoters need to be aware of for their show.

Do what you will with that information!

Younger Audience (Less Money To Spend)

Once again, you are now dealing with kids who likely don't have jobs, and without their parents (who don't want to come to your metal show…trust me) they don't have much disposable income to speak of.

You can bet that this little turd is investing in some low-interest RRSP savings fund, and not your fantastic band merchandise. What a dink!

It's likely that they can hardly even afford the entrance fee to your show, so just be prepared that you are now dealing with people who don't have as much income to spend on your show as you'd like.

Could Discourage Older People From Coming (Who Want To Drink)

For the people who are not just pure music lovers, they want to go and party on a Friday or Saturday, and they want to get hammered.

Often they want to do it at a concert. So if you aren't allowing drinks at your party, you can expect that those people really won't want to come.

Now, there actually is a slight advantage to this, because it keeps the people who aren't there "for the music" away.

But I'm a person too, and I understand you need to make a few shekels in order to live; selling as many tickets as you can to your show is important to your bottom line.

Rides (And Loitering!)

Do you enjoy having a bunch of kids wait around for an hour after the show is over while their ride comes to get them?

Because you can expect that. Just so you know.

Search "Loitering" on Google image search to find a bunch of these pictures.

It's a really small negative, but I thought I would mention it. If you are trying to clean up at the end then it is likely you'll have some people loitering around.

Random Pirate Speech: "So if y'all be old concert promoters, and Y'arr be the type of person that hates loitering, this here be a big point." *End Pirate Speak*

For the rest of us it's hardly even significant…

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