"Defy The Ocean - Myopic"

Recently, I had the pleasure of listening to the new EP from “Defy The Ocean.” The record is called “Myopic” and it consists of four electrifying songs that will instantly remind you of some very notable heavy acts that have come and gone over the years.

This is a band that should be touring major cities and garnering a vast network of radio airplay. The music is tight and smart, with just the right amount of melody and just the right amount of distortion. It's a great marriage of grunge, rock and hard core.

Chris Theo and Marcos Economides have painted a brilliant musical thesis on humanity's impact on species biodiversity. It is subject matter that some may write off as preachy, or holier than thou. Well, you don't necessarily have to listen to the lyrics in order to enjoy the album. Chris Theo has a very versatile singing voice with great range, and he uses it over a stunning array of musical tones and textures which come at you from all sides.

Once you hear the opening song, “Neolithic”, you'll see exactly what I'm getting at. It erupts with an assault of distorted chord work and catchy drums, which continue to be catchy right up to the end of the track. There is some smart hi-hat work and a couple of odd time signatures, as well as clever guitar arrangements that are sometimes fairly simple, but grand in scope.

“The Hunters” is on a song writing par with “Neolithic” in the sense that it contains some catchy, yet unusual guitar work and tightly written, talented drum lines that really set the pace. This song seems to meander a bit, sometimes strolling from loud to quiet as if were a simple walk in the park.

“Invaders” is a lethargic, sludgy tune that flows like molasses. Chris harmonizes over some sparse and dirty guitar lines while the drums periodically stay back. That is, up until the end, when all hell breaks loose in a hail of heavy guitar chords, crash cymbals and kick drums. It's probably the saddest sounding song on the record, and you can almost feel the band baring their soul in this one, especially through the vocals.

“The Tide” is Defy The Ocean's finale for their EP. At a monstrous ten minutes in length, this song goes up and down in mood so often that you might be spent by the end of it. I did at times feel like it may have dragged a little in spots. More specifically, the lengthy mellow sections were punctuated by short and abrupt heavy parts that left me feeling a little teased.

Complaints aside, I seldom hear heavy rock music done this like this any more. There is a lot of grunge spirit and angst, but Defy The Ocean has definitely added their own unique twist to a genre that I think should be visited more often. “Myopic” is a work of pure genius that shouldn't be overlooked by anybody who appreciates great music.

- S.T.

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