Intertiatic ESP (The Beginning Of The Comatorium)

In Intertiatic ESP Cerpin is sentenced by a judge in his dream world called the "unhydriate".

He is forced into the Ectopic shapshifting penance-propulsion. This is the vessel that transports Cerpin to different parts of the Comatorium.

In this vessel horrific things are done to Cerpin in order to make him worthy to be leader of the Tremulants, creatures he created in his art which subconsciously manifested in his mind (the Comatorium).

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The Tremulants

Before Cerpin's attempted suicide, he put all his work and faith in his drawings. Nothing in the world was ever so important as those drawings. He made art out of everything, art that was dark and most often disturbing.

This is where the Tremulants came from. Out of his pictures, they made a home for themselves in his mind.

Of course, he never knew they did.

They created their own community, their own religion. So when Cerpin finally decided his life wasn't worth living, it was by no accident. The house of Tremula Metacarpi (the Tremulants) had planned for him to do this all along. They worshiped him, and needed to make him a worthy leader.

That is why they are punishing him, to prepare him. That is why he had to go through the Intertiatic ESP, even why he injected himself in the first place.

The Lyrics

"Now I'm Lost". The tale of Cerpin taxt becomes stranger yet as he describes a creature called the "Unhydriate" whom sentences him to extreme punishment due to his attempted suicide.

  • Last night I heard lepers
  • Flinch like birth defects
  • It's musk was fecal in origin
  • As the words dribbled off of its chin

There have been arguments saying that "Now I'm lost" is referring to Cerpin Taxt losing the connection between his body and mind. I disagree. Based on findings from the De-loused in the Comatorium Storybook it is certain that "Now I'm lost" is referring to Cerpin not knowing what he is being sentenced for, and not understanding the punishment.

The expanded song name is "Intertiatic Ectopic Shapeshifting Penance-propulsion". To help understand the story, understanding the title of this song is a must.

  1. Intertiatic is a made up word, deriving from the word "Inertia", which is the resistance to any alteration in a body's state of motion.
  2. ESP (Ectopic Shapeshifting Penance propulsion) is the vessel in which Cerpin taxt travels in. The Purpose of this vessel is to speed up his punishment (or his "penance"), while still bringing him where he needs to go in the Comatorium. While in the vessel he is held down by spiders, which crawl around his insides, coming out every orifice and leaving larvae that burst out his spine (And yes, this makes me want to up-chuck as well...). There are also Amoeba type creatures who drive the vessel.

So to put this together, the song is about Cerpin's struggle inside the Intertiatic ESP and some of the horrific things that happen to him.

The extent of his torture is included in the following lines from the song. Each of these lines has something to do with his torture.

  • Dolls wreck the minced meat of pupils
  • Cast in oblong arms length
  • The hooks have been picking their scabs
  • Where wolves hide in the company of men
  • Are you peaking in the red
  • Perforated at the neck
  • A broken arm of sewers set

After he describes his torture, Cerpin repeats a line from Son et Lumiere:

  • Clipside of the Pinkeye Fountain

In this line, he is stating that the punishment he received is a result of him trying to kill himself.

At the end of the song, Cerpin makes a reference to death through a riddle:

  • It's been said
  • Long time ago
  • You'll be the first and last to know
  • You'll never know

This is foreshadowing what is to come later in the album. Along with that, it is also possible that Cerpin believes that he is going to die, and those are his last words.

Now let's move on to the music.

The Music

The beginning of the song continues the erratic heart beats of Cerpin taxt, but only for a second. It quickly digresses to the intense rhythms of all the bands instruments you could think of.

The intense music relates to what Cerpin is saying in a great way. He says "I'm Lost", but at the same time the music is confusing and produces similar feelings. The strange time signatures help to emphasize how lost Cerpin actually is. This is important, because it can help you or I understand the meaning of the song, even if we can't understand the lyrics.

I really just have to mention to you. When the song breaks down in the bridge, there are the sounds of a bunch of guitars falling, and it sounds like spiders. I just want to know, how the hell do you make something sound like spiders? Because that's obviously the part where the spiders crawl inside of him. Just thought I would mention it.

At the end of his journey (and the song) the sounds of fading guitar bring about a great sense of disorientation. This really does sound like he is falling asleep or passing out. It does a great job of marking the end of this chapter.

Now let's continue to the Haunt of Roulette Dares.

(Part 1) - Son Et Lumiere

(Part 3) - Roulette Dares

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I delved deeply into the storybook that Cedric Bixler-Zavala wrote, into the album, and drew from every resource that I could find to create book that translates and describes every line in the book.

This project is called the "Deloused In The Comatorium Song Translation Guide", and you can find it here for purchase.

The De-loused In The Comatorium Song Translation Guide has multiple interpretations for all 400+ lines and lyrics contained within this incredible album.


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