"GOAT - World Music"

by Thomas J. Lemieux
(Ventura, Ca., United States of America)

There are times when naysayers deem the masses gloomily down and sonically doomward; rabble-rousers speak of knuckle dragging to shit shows in scatters of mouth-breathing nerd herds.

Said breathers rally in awkward contemplation circles, sharing secrets of how secret shit is, knowing half the while that shits still suuuuper secret cos' it sucks.

Yes, serendipitous believers and web-shopped note-slobbering gnomes stroke each others heart-ons in an over-saturated market; YES, blog sucking bumble bees sting in 4/4 time and integrity is a $5 beer night! The future may be fucked in a funnel but hallelujah buddy we've got GOAT!

GOAT are an elusive trance inducing three-to-seven (so far) piece from Korpilombolo, Sweden, who's drum laden heavy metal psychscapes evoke afro-beat dreams of sleek and sexy one night stands and fond flashbacks of drug den euphoria.

So vibin' jammers and glitter gowned commune clowns banging on oversized bongo drums sounds like a drag, yes, but you once thought family matters was funny and late night Cinemax was porn. GOAT is heavy hitting, hypnotizing, and effervescently minimal in a truly unique and culturally seasoned fashion.

Even better, "world music" is fit for a listen on any trip in any space - drug downer to speed freak, fireside craft night to glitter ball disco hall - GOAT will slay the dance floor, burn the rug, and blow out the basement while your hips thrust and feet stomp into blissful oblivion!

"World music," GOAT's full length follow up to their howlin'' debut seven-inch-devil-dance titled "Goatman" is a kick in the furry face of snoozadelic pseudo psych. Crrrack, it's REAL! Nay are said times of mouth-breathing group gawkers! Done are the days of darling miniature man-vibers! Impish boy gnomes beware! Cuff liberal breezy numbers, business-casual patagonia booties, lumberjack dad fantasy costumes…. err… Goodbye!

GOAT shows seem to employ a permanent rotation of dudes and gals in tribal stomp voodoo wear, but don't let the sequined seagull banshee shouters deter you! Groove on! On record, give the tracks the right headspace and let it all down and dirty!

If you've ever side stepped to Spacemen 3, stone tripped on the Black Angels stuff or unbuttoned yr jeans to peter green this shits for YOU! Young vivacious seekers of God… the Goatmen and women claim "it is natural to collectively tune in to other dimensions of being." Swedes!!!

Ecologically savvy stress free snowy-white weirdoes! Right? No! Yeah… Sacrifice another listen to yr out-of-step indie crock and lend an open ear to "World Music." There may be truth in the notion that real opened ears lead to real opened eyes!

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