Gobble Gobble At The Wyrd III Vancouver Travelling Music Festival

After hearing a lot of interesting (Although I’m not really sure how enjoyable, or pleasing to the ear they were) bands at Weird Canada’s Traveling Music Festival, I was incredibly excited to hear “GOBBLE GOBBLE” play their exciting set.

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In case you don’t know much about this music festival, you can take a look at it here.

The main premise is that the festival has 2 stages; when one band finishes their set, the opposite stage opens up and another bands starts playing. That way the music never stops until 2am.

Most of the bands playing at the festival were exactly what the festival name implies, “Weird”. Now I’m not really going to focus on any of the other bands, because none of them really caught my eye too much (as far as “how enjoyable” the music was).

I just want to bring attention to how eye-jabbingly-happy GOBBLE GOBBLE’s performance was.

I need you to imagine that a clown ate the Doodlebop’s, and threw them up into a fiber-optic cable containing the entire world’s collective information on DIY Electronic instruments and happy electro noises, which then came out of the speakers in the room we were in.

Except the Waldorf Hotel concert room (Where the concert was), was no longer a concert hall, but a giant blow-up bouncy castle made out of radioactive Jello.

Also, you've just come out of the dentist’s office and are incredibly high from all the drugs he put you on.

Bam! You have a GOBBLE GOBBLE concert!

I’ll post video’s through this little write up that I took during the GOBBLE GOBBLE show. Obviously the audio quality is not going to be 100%, but as usual it will help you get a really good idea of what the experience was like.

They Walk On Stilts!

There are 4 main band members in GOBBLE GOBBLE, but you can tell that the main front man, Cecil Frena, is in charge of doing most things important.

Not to say that the other band members are unnecessary in any way. Quite the contrary, as they are in charge of making the show awesome for everyone in the audience.

Their interaction with the people in the room was something extraordinarily unique. They would put on stilts and walk around in the crowd, with 404 sequencers installed onto their shovels (See Picture Left).

And although they kind of pushed you around as they got into the crowd, at the same time, it wasn’t invasive to your personal space (I’m not sure how being physically pushed around doesn’t count as invading your personal happy bubble, but yeah…)

Their creative use of tools to get the crowd excited and engaged was very unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my life. It seemed like every single song brought some new creative prop that they built to use for more crowd interaction.

At one point there was some sort of leaf-blower-balloon contraption, which seemed more like a miniature Macy’s float (if a homeless man constructed it out of spare white garbage bags that he found).

DIY Macy's Float!

And they didn’t stop. They would randomly pull out huge drums (that have obviously been duct taped together multiple times) and flash them out to the crowd so the audience members could bash their drums with their hands.

Not that it really made any sound, but the illusion of participate is what created the crowd's participation in this case.

GOBBLE GOBBLE: Such A Romantic Man!

When the show first started, the lights went off completely. Cecil walked out into the crowd wearing a glove with glow-sticks for fingers (Image Freddy Kreuger’s hand, but with glow-sticks instead of knife-nails).

He's like Freddy Kreuger except with Glow Sticks that he caresses your face with.

He starts singing something incredibly melodic into his vocal processed/harmony/auto-tuned effects microphone, and it sounds fantastic and encapsulating.

He walks through us in the front of the crowd, and starts singing to each person, somewhat romantically, and stroking and touching our faces with his crazy glow stick hands.

He does it in such a tongue-in-cheek manner; anyone in the vicinity can’t help but chuckle gleefully to themselves. I definitely had my face touched in ways I never thought possible.

Oh yeah, here’s a video of that portion of the show!

It’s truly a beautiful and engaging experience.

They Must Be Psychology Majors

The way that this band has a command over the audience is truly mesmerizing, and I can feel myself being manipulated into having a wonderful and happy time.

It would be very difficult to be in this crowd and not be fully engaged. In a society where distractions are more than common, and engaging 100% into any activity is near impossible, this band pulls and draws you in to full-engagement on their music.

There’s nothing else you can think about but the music.

And if there isn’t about 100 lessons to learn from the strategies that GOBBLE GOBBLE uses to truly engage it’s audience, then I still didn’t waste my $20, because it was a fantastic show.


Oh yeah! Did I forget to mention how incredible all of this music was?

They had all their 404 Samplers out, Kaoss Pads, Macbook Pros, and most other common electronic instruments that you can think of.

But there’s more than that.

At some point Cecil started creating a loop out of a Theremin-esque machine that reacted to the way he moved his hands near it, although the sound it created was nothing even similar to what a Theremin sounds like.

Later on in the show, he pulled out a Wii-mote, and started using it as a MIDI controller to control the effects he was using.

Did you hear what I just said? A FREAKING WII-MOTE! This reminds me more of something that Ben Heck would come up with, rather than musicians.

He mentions during the show that he is a huge fan of DIY Musicianship, and I swear the guy must have some degree in electronics, because the sheer amount of home-made instruments here was something I would expect from Aphex-Twin, not a Glitch-Pop Electronic band.

His attitude towards the music and crowd was also astounding. As someone who has played hundreds of shows, I could easily see there being a lot of pride there, but there was none at all.

He acts humble towards the other bands that are playing in the festival (Even though GOBBLE GOBBLE easily overshadowed every other band there by a long shot), and talking with him after the set, he was sincerely humbled by the words I had for him, just telling him how amazing his set was (Unfortunately, he said they don’t do interviews, so I was unable to snatch one up for you guys!)

He responded to my compliments with a hug, and saying that "Those are the words that make my job worth doing". He definitely understands how to interact with fans and create lifetime loyalty with the people who like his music.

I very much respected his whole attitude for the show, and it really was a testament that you don’t have to be snobby and pretentious at all, regardless of how talented you are; and I guarantee this band was more talented than any bloody Chris Cornell, that’s for sure.

Thank you GOBBLE GOBBLE, for a wonderful night of music and inspiration to help me have a deeper drive to learn more about music and creativity.

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