Guitar Pro Software App For iPod Touch/iPad Review

I'm an avid user of Guitar Pro Software.

I must have written well over 200 original songs using Guitar Pro, and I've transcribed countless covers from other bands (such as The Mars Volta, Tool, or old Muse tunes).

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To say that I was a bit excited to see there was a Guitar Pro App coming out is a little bit of an understatement.

As with everything else, Guitar pro has it's issues (generally in the technical difficulties category).

Guitar Pro 5.2 (the Windows Version) has crashed on me well over 700 times while using it. The app hasn't crashed on me at all.

Moving on, is this app any good?

Well if you look up above, you'll see I gave it 4 stars. Even though the program isn't perfect, it's still one of the best Tab Apps around.

It allows you to learn songs anywhere. Heck, you could bring the thing with you (along with a guitar) and just learn songs on a Road trip or something.

The fact that it is so portable is just astounding.

And plus, the cheap price ($5) makes it a really decent deal to try out.

I'm enjoying it, and I recommend it. But once again, it's not perfect. If you expect to be writing symphonies with this thing, think again. It's a read-only program, so you can only learn songs with it.

...and it still hasn't crashed on me yet!

Those notes...such wonderfully formatted notes!

Great Things About This App

  • Super Portable
  • Adjustable staff size to counteract the small iPod touch screen
  • Can download new songs straight from the internet onto your iPod (don't need to connect it to your computer)
  • Other than the obvious (mobile) differences, is very similar to the computer version
  • Song list interface (choosing which song to view) is done in the iPod song fashion (super user friendly). It's even more user friendly than the computer version!
  • Diagram of a fretboard shows you where to put your fingers. It even estimates which notes you play next, and which positions you should hold your fingers in order to play it with the least effort.
  • Fairly Cheap ($5, compared to the $60 computer version)
  • Sounds are really good

Crap About The App

  • Longer loading times on larger products
  • Difficult (not impossible) to play along with songs on the iPod Touch (Screen too small)
  • Switching between instruments is a bit of a pain
  • No editing, read-only (although you can change which instrument is playing)

I stand by my 4 stars, and I think anyone who wants to learn music anywhere, should try this app.

As well, it's great for metal and classical guys who like to practice riffs and scales over and over. Just shove the app on repeat to your exercises and boring scales, all while on the run!

Guitar Pro App on the Apple App store here.

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