Porcupine Tree's "Halo" Interpretation - Song Meaning

Halo is about Steve Wilson's impression of people who are very self righteous. It is very likely that this person could be represented by someone who was involved in a religious war, such as the "Muslim Conquests" or the "Jewish-Roman Wars".

The song is sung from the self-righteous persons point of view.

For references sake, let's call our Self-Righteous Singer "Bob".

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Porcupine Tree - Halo



God is in my fingers, God is in my head
God is in the trigger, God is in the lead


God is freedom, God is truth
God is power and God is proof
God is fashion, God is fame
God gives meaning, God gives pain


You can be right like me
With God in the hole you're a righteous soul
I got a halo round me, I got a halo round me
I'm not the same as you
Cos I've seen the light and I'm getting it high now
I got a halo round me, I got a halo round me
I got a halo round my head

[Verse 2]

God is on the cell phone, God is on the net
God is in the warning, God is in the threat

Verse Interpretation

Both Verses 1 and 2 are how Bob believes God acts. For example, he believes that god "is in the trigger" and "in the lead" of the gun that he is firing. This is the reference to the religious wars that I was talking about.

The point that Steven Wilson [Song Writer] is trying to make, is that Bob is justifying all the killing by saying God wants him to do it, and that he is righteous for starting wars.

Of course, many of these actions are actually selfish actions that Bob would have done regardless of whether or not he believed in God, but Bob is using God as a shield so that he can feel righteous no matter what he does!

Pre-Chorus Interpretation

The Pre-Chorus is what Bob Is Saying about God.

He says that "God is Power and God is Proof" and "God Gives Meaning, God Gives Pain".

Bob is also representative of other religions such as Hindus, Christians, Or Catholics.

The main thing to take from the Pre-Chorus, is that Bob believes that he can make God into anything that he wants.

Bob might think to himself, "I want power. Well, God can give me power! All I have to do is use the idea of God to make myself righteous in whatever I do, and I can trick many people into fighting for me!".

It's showing that the idea of God can be distorted and used for almost any selfish purpose.

Chorus Interpretation

The Chorus is where the real meat of the whole "self-righteous" thing comes in to play.

Bob says "With God In The Hole, You're a Righteous Soul".

The "Hole" could be referring to 2 things. It could mean the hole that most people have in their hearts (and most religious people would agree that God fills that hole).

It could also be referring to the saying "It's in the Hole", which means that it's under your control (in this case Bob would be controlling the idea of God to manipulate people).

The Main Gist of the Chorus is, "I've got God under my control, and that makes me a saint. Heck, I'm Practically and Angel (the Halo!)."

I mean, to put it in Layman's terms that is...

The main purpose of the entire song though, is that Bob (and other people like him) use God as a cover up for all their misdeeds, so that he can gain control over people, rather than using God in the way he was meant to be used (to serve others instead of stealing from them).

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