How & Why Should You Build A Music Library?

The music that you listen to morphs your taste and moulds the way you grow; it is a huge influence on the music you write, so it only makes sense to pay some special attention to it.

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As you listen deeper and deeper into the music that you have, you will start to have unique insights that you can apply to your own music.

On top of that, you will be feeding your subconscious mind all this diverse music that it will begin to draw from when you are writing, even if you aren't aware of it.

The Effect A Mature Music Library Has On You

When you have a solid grounding of artists that inspire you, you are helping to create an "in the zone" state for yourself, where you are able to write music without even trying very hard; the creativity just seems to flow out of you.

There are a bunch of other factors that contribute to this sweet spot, but the foundational library of inspiring artists that you experience really help increase how effective your writing sessions are.

Deep VS Wide

So should you listen to many artists less, or should you listen to a fewer artists more often? This is the whole "quality VS quantity" conundrum.

I believe you should find a balance between the two. I don't recommend finding 10 new bands every day to listen to, that will just be too diluted of an experience.

Here's how I recommend going about it:

Allow yourself to listen to an artist's album at least 3 times (unless you are certain that you hate it after the first listen). If you decide that you really like it after that time, then listen to that album much more, and get even more of their albums to go deeper with.

As far as the "Deep VS Wide" debate goes, if you had to choose between the two, I would say that it is better to go deep.

Going deep into an artist or album is what allows you to really gain some insights about music; this is where you really start learning.



Going too deep will keep you from experiencing some other music at that time, but that's really not too bad of a consequence now is it? It could even be considered beneficial if you are trying to focus on a particular type of music at the time.

Going too wide will leave you with a surface level knowledge of a lot of music, and you probably will learn more about the culture around that music, instead of the music itself. Some people like that, but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who wants to write music.

I've made up a 2nd "infographic" to help drive that idea home.

Infograph displays on desktop only. To view on your mobile device, click here.

If you don't regularly discover at least 1 or 2 bands that you like every month, then I would recommend starting with at least that many.

From there, try and discover what you can while comfortably going deep (or rejecting) whatever you discover. If you're not sure where to start, check out the articles below, as well as The Real Musician top artist picks - it's an ongoing list of my favorites with previews of each artist.

How To Discover New Music

Finding new music is a much bigger topic than I can cover on this page, so I've written the article "How To Discover New Music (Using These 5 Methods)" to show you where you can find virtually an unlimited amount of new music that interests you.

The very last method on that page is to use...

How To Tell If A Band Is "Good" Or Not

I’ve spent many arguments trying to deconstruct a band’s music based purely on technical skill and creativity alone, and I realize now that I’ve missed a big part of the picture when doing that.

There are a huge amount of criteria to go through when discerning a band's value. You can read more about that in my article, "Discerning the value of a band".

How To Let Your Favourite Bands Influence The Way Your Music Sounds

You and I both have music that just enthrals us. We want to listen to it over and over again, and we want this music to become a part of that "this influenced me" category in our lives.

Here's how to make sure you learn from the artists you love.

How to let your favourite bands influence the way your music sounds.

…TheRealMusician Top Artist Picks List

Every music website has certain music that they gravitate towards, TheRealMusician included! 

The following artists are some music that I really would highly recommend.

Everything here is what's on my personal music library, so you can get an idea of what a fully fleshed out library looks like, and hopefully you'll be able to take some of these artists and add them to your own.

You can view the Top Artist Picks List here.

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