How Your Physical Position Can Reduce Stage Fright Before A Show

Lowering the levels of cortisol (a natural drug your body produces) will reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

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Increasing your levels of testosterone will increase your confidence.

How do you do both of those at the same time? Just change your body position for 2 minutes.

Power Poses Can Do All That, And More!

The “association for psychological science” published a study about how power poses affect us as humans. The findings of this study showed that people who do a high-power pose for only 2 minutes were:

  • more confident
  • less stressed
  • less anxious
  • more likely to be comfortable taking risks
  • more likely to be hired for a job, or liked by someone new (quite important when you’re going on stage!)
  • more likely to have stronger “presence” (meaning comfortable, authentic, captivating, enthusiastic, confident, passionate)

I don’t want to spend much time on a bunch of specific numbers, but if you’re interested in all that (such as “this led to a 20% decrease in cortisol levels”), feel free to watch Amy Cuddy’s TED Talks on this subject. Amy is one of the researchers who did this study in the first place.

She also addresses how this seemingly “superficial” tactic can actually permanently change the way you think If you are interested in more details, then watch the video.

Examples Of Power Poses

Ever seen wonder woman put her fists to her hips? That’s a power pose.

There are also more, such as spreading your limbs in a relaxed way while sitting down. Take a look at this graphic, courtesy of, that he compiled from Amy Cuddy’s study.

The TOP row of people are using relaxed high-power poses.

The BOTTOM row of people are displaying closed, inward, low-power poses.

When we talk about power poses, this is what we mean. This is what you can use to decrease your stage fright before playing a show.

Doing This Really Will Make You More Confident, Less Stressed, & Less Anxious

But it won’t fix your life. 

It IS a fancy little trick that can aid you in getting a hold of your nerves if you have a performance coming up and need to relax, so try it out. Pick a power pose that looks good to you (I’m currently sitting with my legs and shoulders spread open) and do it for a few minutes. You might even try more than 2 minutes if you like!

If you wanted this to bleed into the rest of your life, you could always do a power pose every day. I would recommend starting your morning with one, or picking a pose to do your office work in and sticking with it for a bit while you work.

Maybe I’m completely full of crap and it’s just the placebo effect that makes this work. 

If that’s the case, who cares? If it makes an impact, then who am I to argue?

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