My Interview With "James Warner Prophecies" 2011

How did you guys get started?

The band started as a side project for me (Joe) at the time I was learning how to record music and I had just got my first home setup so it was kinda a blank canvas to play with I had lots of songs which were just sitting around and this was an avenue to get em out.

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We then recorded a demo with a music group we worked with and met Kate (Who was engineering that session) me and Kate hit it off big style and found out we lived just up the street from each other so we started jamming, then drinking, then jamming then falling over a bit, etc etc and the band was born after I found a couple of other people to join as well.

Originally we had another singer as well as me. A lovely lass called Lucy Milford. Who is still knocking around the live music scene in Derby (you should check her out) she has a very soul blues voice which gave a whole different flavor to my ruff as a bears arse sound.

The idea of JWP was always to be just a band. We are not a “blah blah” band. The music would just come out as it did, however that would be.

It tended to be folk blues, jazzy pop rock type thing, at first. You see that is history. The bands origins are pretty irrelevant now.

Following fall outs, kick outs, irritating secret ego’s, crap players, suicide attempts (unfortunately failed) and sticky mess’s the band has trundled along until it found its final line up :

Me (Joe), Kate, Dan and finally Thom.

Sam and Lucy are worth mentioning as past contributors to the band Matt and his lass Shell too. The other one ain't.

Where are you guys currently distributing your music online?

Anywhere we can get it out!

Mainly we have out online shop on our website

But you can get our music from anywhere you can get music from on the net J iTunes and all that jazz

What types of offline promotions are you doing?

Is there such a thing anymore?

We put posters up. Stick stickers to the back of peoples heads when possible, oh, and our live shows, Which we are pretty good at so come down to one!

What is your most popular piece of merchandise?

I like our small furry animal JWP road kill range. Great for the kids, and edible too!

Are there any creative promotions you guys are working on?

We have recently started working with a Derby based charity called ‘Safe And Sound’, which is a group who work with young people who have been groomed by men to be brought into prostitution/abuse.

This is a subject that is close to our hearts. And amazingly it is a growing problem in the UK! Gone are the days of dodgy looking men standing with their hands in their pockets behind a tree. We all know how to spot them ay?!?

Now these men gain the trust through “friendship” to get what they want etc.

Basically check out their website:

It’s a very important issue which should be addressed by us all and in fact the main way we can do something about it is by talking about it!

People are embarrassed by this issue. It feels dirty. People are worried it will paint the wrong image of them.

This is not good enough. Continued ignorance is unacceptable.

What is the label "The Animal Farm" like to work with?

It's an amazing studio and a sound bunch of geezers!

They are amazing producers. I learnt a lot from watching them work. But do enjoy most, the guitar (with a mop) solos after one of them bangs through the door to show you how to rock mid recording.

It breaks the monotony, you know?:)

What's One Thing You Love About Your Live Performance?

Personally I like to interact with our audience so I love it when someone interacts back. I love hecklers! Both attempted nasty heckles and friendly ones.

Bring it on! Keeps us on our toes.

What type of lyrical subjects do you touch on in your music?

All sorts, whatever feels to be important at the time, or it just seems like a good idea. Music is my medicine.

What would you say is your most 'personal' song lyrically? What touches on the deepest portion of you?

My wife left me on New Years Eve a couple of years ago.

This angst, I suppose formed a big part of my writing for the following year (I wasn’t in a good place) our latest single ‘You Are The Sun’ is about her and that.

I feel good now. I like to think the songs have helped me do that, can I pull my head out of my arse now please J

How has this 2011 tour gone for you? Did you guys have any specific difficulties (Or stories to share)? Did anything go particularly well?

We love touring. Great fun! Cant wait for more! Bring it on!

Of people who are not in your band, who makes the biggest impact on they way you guys do things? (Maybe a Manager or Promoter, etc.)

Our families have always been a massive help to us! Love em to bits!

But I suppose the biggest impact for the band at the minute is our team led by Andy (our manager) you guys are so very cool! A big sloppy smackeroo!

Anything else you'd like to add?

I'd like an ice cream please.

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