Jamie Alimorad - Words Left Unsaid

by Rick Redding
(Boston, MA, USA)

Back in 2010 I reviewed Jamie Alimorad's debut EP Cornerstone. It was one of the finest albums I had heard in quite some time. Especially for a college musician, this four-song EP was jammed back with memorable hooks, melodies and lyrics.

I quickly became a fan of his upbeat writing and smooth voice. The album spawned four #1 singles on the Indie104 Top 40 chart.

Now Alimorad is returning with his first full-length album. Words Left Unsaid contains a dozen songs and each one is better than the next. No filler here folks. If he chooses, he could probably have twelve hit singles.

Alimorad picked up right where he left off with Cornerstone and has matured in a way to show that he's not just a flash in the pan. He has already received two nominations for the 2013 Artists In Music Awards (Best Pop Artist and Best Rock Artist) for the album before its release. Here is a track by track review of Words Left Unsaid.

The album opens with "Tiffany", a hard rock song telling the story of a night out on the town and a chance encounter with a beautiful girl. The music compliments the nerves and adrenaline of what it’s like to go up to that attractive girl at the bar.

The bridge of the song soars into a key change and as the song comes to a conclusion one wonders how any song going forward could top that. But that’s what makes Jamie Alimorad so good. “Dancing With You” follows and is a perfect blend of pop/rock and dance. It has a flare of Hot Chelle Rae or a Disney act to it, but make no mistake that is not an insult.

Alimorad mixes of rhythmic feels within the arrangement while still keeping the dance beat, providing some variety to the listener. It was the lead single off the album released in June and has been doing very well on indie and satellite radio.

“Can’t Stop Thinking About You” is the third track. A straight-ahead song about missing the one you love. Can’t Stop settles into a groove right away and keeps it going, a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement. “Someday, Somewhere” is up next.

The first ballad on the album it has a bit of a modern country pop feel to it. The melody is simply gorgeous and the lyrics tell the story of holding out hope that the one you loved will come back to you one day. Alimorad really gives a signature vocal performance on this track and the last chorus is a highlight of the album, which brought on comparisons to Paul McCartney and Steven Tyler.

It’s the perfect transition for the hard rock tone that album brings next.

The fifth song on the album, “Weapon”, is a huge departure from what we’ve grown to consider the “typical” Alimorad sound. This is a hard rocker. The verses carry a vibe from an early twentieth century murder-mystery radio program, but the wallop comes in the pre-chorus and into the chorus.

The build in the bridge has such sweet tension and the lyrics of sexual tension and the use of sexuality to get what one wants is masterful. “That’s What She Said” is due up next and it’s exactly what you think it is. It’s sure to be a hit with teenage and college males. The bridge has a dubstep-like break down that is a standout moment in the song.

The lyrics are all double entendres and its disco dance groove make this primed to be a huge crossover hit.

“Beautiful” is the seventh track on the album and an absolutely gorgeous ballad. The lyrics are tearjerking and the arrangement is stunning. Alimorad shows off his range as a vocalist and superb technique to control his dynamics.

The emotion is so raw, it’s as if he’s singing just to you. The last chorus is another standout moment on the album. “Get You Back” is a peppy pop/rock number that puts a smile on your face and makes wiping away any tears that “Beautiful” brought out. This short and sweet number is a fun one and will have you singing along in no time.

“Does It Really Have To End This Way” is another fun pop/rock song that has a bit of a pop/punk flair to it as well. Alimorad questions in the song why and how feelings are changing and hoping that things won’t be awkward after the breakup. “Crawling Back To Me” is a real throwback to the glory days of pop/punk, but once again with an Alimorad twist.

The lyrics are hysterical and anyone that has felt their ex is crazy will relate to this song. Alimorad also uses subtle chromatic harmonies that vary up moods and accent certain lyrics.

“Don’t Say It’s Over” brings the listener back into the rock world. Heavy guitars in the chorus and powerful vocals throughout, Alimorad really digs deep in this one. The quality of his voice in the verses are stand out and the big harmonies in the chorus are exactly what we’ve come to expect from him.

The lead guitar during the outro leads perfectly into the finally song on the album, “Forever And A Day”. This track represents another form of departure from what we’ve come to expect from Alimorad. First off it’s in 6/8, it’s predominantly just acoustic guitar and vocals and the harmonies bring out more of a 90’s alternative sound.

The big standout moment is when the full band comes in after second verse and takes the listener to the land of big, epic rock. As the song comes to a conclusion Alimorad sings, “I will love you,” and with that the drums make their last hit, the strings play on for a suspension, the bass comes in for one more note and the album is over.

Alimorad has really outdone himself with Words Left Unsaid. In the just under two years since Cornerstone he has matured and developed into an even more masterful artist. It’s hard to pick a favorite song off Words Left Unsaid. As a music lover I would encourage everyone to give the album a full listen.

There is no filler here and Alimorad has firmly put himself on the map with Words Left Unsaid.

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Sep 24, 2015
Words NEW
by: Anonymous

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Jan 02, 2013
by: Leslie

I bought this album online just before Christmas and it's absolutely amazing! That's what She Said and Dancing With You are the perfect songs to blast in my car. My friends love it to!

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