Led Zeppelin

by Sam
(Oklahoma City, OK.)



This site is definitely the most accurate depiction of real music I have ever come across.

Bands that actually have a genuine belief in what they do like The Volta, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, and more. Incredible.

However, how can anyone leave out the mighty Led Zeppelin? Consistently underrated in my opinion, falling short on countless lists to the likes of The Beach Boys? If music is something you love and respect, you must know Led Zeppelin were the innovators, the pioneers, and plainly the Gods of their time.

They laid the foundation for all of these brilliant musicians that we now love, and basically gave a 'f*ck you' to the ever prevalent pop society at the time.

Look closely at Cedric Bixler's vocal style, he reflects in every way the charismatic wide-ranged voice of Robert Plant. Examine all of the different tunings used in bands like The Sound of Animals Fighting, and you'll notice Jimmy Page was well ahead of his time.

Must I even mention John Bonham's supernatural abilities on the drums? The man plays twice as fast with one pedal as any shitty thrash-band drummer with a double bass pedal does, not to mention his sheer perfection of changing time signatures twice sometimes three times in the middle of a song.

But, this is all technical ability aspects, and Led Zeppelin is obviously so much more. They were consistent with everything they released, and their song ranges were so f-ing diverse, any person from North America to Indonesia had a favorite.

Led Zepplin combined elements of Rock, Blues, Jazz, even Blue-Grass, to Borderline Metal all within a decade. Their lyrics were such a blunt demarcation of genius artists opposite excellent artists, not even giving a chance for OK artists to be in the same realm.

In my opinion Led Zeppelin were and probably still are the greatest band to ever grace the surface of Earth. By your taste in music I'm banking on the fact that you are well educated in their history and what they stand for, but if you're putting Pink Floyd (Also F*cking Awesome) on the list with all of the modern greats, I'm thinking Page and Plant deserve a spot. I definitely wouldn't have ever found myself writing something on a website, but I feel like you understand what music is, so I am glad to have given you my take, whether you agree or disagree.

Andrew Says:


This was an awesome submission to the website.

Your entire review of the band was spot on.

The type of passion you spoke with was inspiring. And yes, I definitely have heard of these guys, and I love them. I just haven't gotten around to adding them to the directory yet (It takes me 30-90 minutes to add each band in there).

But I promise you I will in the near future (I was totally wiped from adding frank zappa in there, with all his albums it took me about 3 hours to do...)

Sorry I censored a bit of the language, but I do try to keep the site as clean as possible (Just a personal thing).

I really hope you write some more for the site Sam. I invite you to submit your own articles or more bands to me if you feel up to it, I'm sure my readers would love to hear more from you.

Thanks again!

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