Why Open Mic Night Is A Big Waste Of Your Time

It can be really tempting to go out to open mic nights for quick and easy live music performances for your band. I mean, why wouldn't you?

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They practically have to let you play, and you get the exposure you're looking for, right?

Well it might not be quite as sweet of an opportunity as your originally thought; consider this…

Everyone There Is A Musician!

How many open mic nights do you generally go to just…


I would say probably none. I've never been to any sort of open mic night (unless school talent shows count) with any other intention than playing myself.

Scratch that, I always played in my old high school talent shows!

No one goes to these things just to listen. Anyone who is there, is there for themselves hoping to get their music heard.

What's this mean for you?

It means that no one there cares about what you have to play! Because they are in the exact same mindset as you are, they simply want to get their music heard.

Let's Try Some Empathy...

Think about this, do YOU care about what music the other musicians have to share?

I didn't think so! And they don't care about your music either!

So next time you go out for the open mic night, take a step back and think: "Is this going to help me get closer to my goals of building a successful music career"?

Now I understand that you might be really new to playing on stage, and in that case it might be a good opportunity for you to build your confidence. I'm all for this, and if you just need an open stage so that you can build your craft, go for it!

But if you are going to gain more fans, I think your time would be much better spent in other live music performances. Perhaps one with music lovers, not musicians (Not to say musicians aren't valuable fans but...well...that's another article altogether!)

Mind you, open mic night still has the positive benefit of meeting other musicians, and it could get you more gigs in that city. I don't want to discount it all together, just don't count on it making you a lot of new fans.

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