What Makes MGMT Such A Fantastic Modern Day 70's-Like Psychedelic Band?

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MGMT is straight out the 70's. They are psychedelic, progressive, and all kinds of catchy.

They have a lot of different elements in their songs. Such as:

  • Rock
  • Electronic
  • Pop
  • Acoustic
  • Psychedelic
  • Progressive

I don't do drugs, but listening to MGMT (And watching any of their music video's) is a perfectly acceptable (And adequate) supplementary experience.

About MGMT

When I first heard of MGMT, I saw a music video of their song "Electric Feel" while shopping in future shop for a new stereo deck for my car (Just the deck, don't ever buy speakers there unless you want to get completely ripped off).

My first thought was "Oh sweet! They are airing 70's music videos on MTV Now!". As you know, I'm generally quite disappointed by most of the music selection on MTV.

But alas, it turns out that was a completely new music video, and I'm just completely off my rocker.

I grabbed their amazing album "Oracular Spectacular" and got addicted to it very quickly.

The pacing of the album is excellent, and I felt that every single song was worth it's salt. Everyone should listen to this album.

The album is mixed in a way that it seems much older than it is, but the creativity contained in it is just right.

Not too much experimental stuff in it, but not too little either! It's the type of album that most people would enjoy, even if they don't have an ear for creativity. You know, the type of people that only listen to things that make them want to jump around?

The types that say things like "You listen to that band? They're weiiiird".

Even they will like it.

MGMT is not a band that will disappoint you, and I think even the most pretentious music critics can enjoy them.

That's me by the way…Beat that hipsters.

Anyways, give MGMT a listen, especially the album "Oracular Spectacular", it's a great addition to help pad out your music library with fantastic tunes.

Producers will also be a big fan of the album, as the recording is of fantastic quality, and has a lot of qualities that deserve to be respected.

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