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In my one-of-a-kind interview with LA Music Manager, you will learn:

  • How to get the record label to pay attention listen to your music (Giving you the opportunity to be in control of your musical future)
  • How the music industry has shifted in the last 5 years (And how you can keep from getting caught in the dust)
  • The one constant fixation that has never changed throughout the history of the music industry (That you need to pay attention to, now more than ever)
  • What the new music business model is (And how you can follow it with your band!)
  • Why Myspace is a dying website, and what you should use as an alternative (That blows Myspace away!)
  • Why you cannot rely on your album sales for your sole source of income (And what you should do in order to actually make a living in the music world)
  • Who you need to hire in order to get your music placed into Film & TV
  • How much you are required to pay a music manager, how the relationship between the manager and the band works, and what types of responsibilities a music manager has to your band.
  • Why you are hurting yourself (More than helping yourself) by releasing any low-quality video footage of your band
  • How to use video content of your band as a huge marketing tool
  • The secret behind filming fantastic "Behind The Scenes" band footage
  • How Michael created PCDTV (Pussy Cat Dolls Television) and was able to use it to get hundreds of thousands of views (Within 2 weeks)

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Learn From A Musician Who Writes, Records; And Makes Money Off Of His Music

Used to hearing a lot of ‘music advice’ from amateurs? They get you all psyched up about some idea that they’ve had, or which way you should do things. And then you take a listen to their music…

…and it’s not very good at all...

You realize that you’ve been talking to someone whose music is about as good as what you would see at an elementary school talent show; and they’ve got the shallow lyrics to prove it!

I understand all the different aspects involved in being in a band, from writing to recording to promoting, to simply managing relationships within the band.

Me (Andrew Muller) in the studio, before a recording session.

By subscribing to the 'Music for a Living' Online Magazine, you'll be receiving music career advice has been tested and used (personally by me).

That way you know all the advice I give works and will help you succeed as a musician.

My experience is hugely beneficial for you (Why do you think I put it at the top?) as it will keep you from having to re-invent the wheel.

You won't waste your time on useless idea's that don't work, and you'll have more time to devote to your music.

How should you use this extra time? Well creating better music of course! And when you have great music to start with…

….You'll have a much easier time promoting your music.

And if you can get your music out to more and more people who like it, then you’ll gain fans faster than ever before.

And with more fans, comes more income. And with more income, comes your ultimate dream.

What is that dream?

Quitting your dry, soul-sucking day job, and building a music career that pays the bills (And then some)!

Simple, Action-Oriented Music Marketing Recipes That You Can Implement Today

There are 3 main area’s that I focus on to build successful music careers:

  • Music (technical skill)
  • Philosophy (The depth of your music/lyrics, how to be self-expressive, etc.)
  • Marketing (How you get your band to the people)

With the valuable marketing ideas that I provide you, you'll be able to take steps towards your band's musical success today

You don't have to be some high-up music producer to use the dependable techniques that I have for you, and even an independent artist with no reach will be able to start promoting her band today.

This is great because no matter where you are in your music career, my concepts will be relevant for you to use and any musician can apply the techniques I have to gain exposure.

My trend setting marketing ideas will drive you to increase your fan base and learn how to structure your music business (You do know that as a musician, you are in the music business; right?)

All of a sudden you realize that you'll be able to create your own success in your music career. No more “hoping” and waiting to “get lucky” with a record deal.

Your musical livelihood is no longer a gamble. The idea that your success is a gamble died with the invention of the internet, because you can now network with people who can further career without even leaving your house (Although you should still definitely leave your house!)

Music success is completely attainable for you, if you do the right things to reach it.

But what are the right things?

I will show you these unsurpassed activities needed to achieve ‘almost mystical’ marketing success for your music, so you will be one step closer to quitting your day job and writing/playing music for a living

You’ll hear me say this one a lot, but for good reason, because building a rewarding music career is what my entire site is widely advertised as teaching!

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You Can Learn Techniques That Allow You To Create Rich, Diverse Recordings

Do you ever wonder?...

  • Which order you should record your instruments in? (Or should you record them all live to save money?)
  • How should you mix your recordings?
  • What programs are the most useful for you to invest in (Hint: There is no “best” program, it depends on what type of musician you are!).
  • What is the process for recording music? Is there an order about which things you do first?

As a recording musician, you can learn from my experience of what works (and what doesn’t).

Because of my experience and teaching skills, your recordings will sound more professional, and you’ll give your listeners the impression that you spent a large amount of money on your recordings (Even if you just did it at home!)

With such professional recordings, more people are going to be willing to buy your recordings.

And once they’ve got your music in hand, the passion your recordings instill in them will leave them no choice but to share your music with their friends.

As your word of mouth (and social networking) exposure increases, so will your number of fans, enabling you to sell more music, concert tickets, merchandise, and the dozens of other things you can sell.

Didn’t know you had dozens of things to sell? There are, and I’ll teach you about all of them, so you will be able to diversify your income even more; making your musical cashflow even more stable.

With all that music income coming in, who needs a job?

Unearth Stunningly Impressive Sound For Your Live Performance

I perform in front of an active audience regularly, so getting a solid and reliable sound/tone (For Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Drums, and Vocals) is incredibly important to me.

In order to do that, I’m constantly doing research on what technology and mixing techniques are going to enable you to get the sweetest tones, unparalleled clarity, and dynamics that capture the full range of emotion contained within your music.

The ideas that I have about overcoming your own personal boundaries (Eliminate nervousness before a show!) and creating an awesome experience for you and your crowd will inject your live performance with emotion, uniqueness, and will cure “Passive Audience” syndrome!

With the teaching I offer, your live performance will become more captivating than ever before.

Your fans will be satisfied with your show, and because they are feeding off your confident and attractive energy, they will want to tell their friends about how much they enjoyed your live performance.

You'll increase word of mouth exposure for your music, and you'll gain a reputation as an unforgettable performing artist.

Heck, how many people would rather you had a shoddy live performance? Not many, that’s why working on your performance will help you gain many more fans…

…who who are willing to buy your CD’s, concert tickets, and merchandise.

Have I said that enough times? Well it’s okay, because it’s a pretty important part of creating a successful music career.

As much as I’m sure you think you can, you actually cannot eat your unsold albums and merchandise. Selling this stuff is pretty important for your survival, and will keep you out of the rat race.

The fact is, if you don’t have to work a job anymore, you’ll have more time to focus on writing and performing music, right?

So as much as some people try to pretend that they have “virtues” and that they would be “selling out” if they made any money off of their music, try and remember…

…the less time you spend at your job, the more time you can spend writing, performing, and promoting your music.

And I believe that is actually honoring your music much more than the whole “I won’t sell out!” attitude.

Don’t misinterpret me though! I’m not saying you should sell out! I’m simply saying that as long as you aren’t letting the ”money” force you into creative compromises, then you are not selling out.

Fair enough?

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Turn Your Favorite Bands Into Mentors That Can Teach You To Become A Better Musician! (And Gain A Few New Bands Along The Way!)

Some people try and ignore the idea that other bands have had an effect on them, but you will notice that almost every successful band out there will have a few major influences in their lives.

As I share more and more bands with you, you will have more music to draw from for inspiration while writing music.

This makes the music you write have more depth, which in turn makes your music relevant to more listeners; your music will capture more listeners’ hearts

If I wasn't continually looking for new music, I never would have discovered 'Sufjan Stevens', who has made a huge impact on the music I write.

When you have such a command over your listeners’ hearts, which helps you gain more fans, you will have more of an audience to buy your music or see you in concert.

Basically, you will be much more likely to have a “sold out” show (which is probably another part of your fantastic, and do-able dream.)

How many artists have you heard of who consistently sell out shows, but still need to work a day job? Not any that I know!

‘Music For A Living’ Magazine will help you become that artist who fills the venue!

Learn How To Promote Your Band - From A Master In Online Advertising

On the side (Other than playing music, and writing this website), I also work for Microsoft’s Online Advertising Division as an Online Advertising Specialist.

I handle more than $10,000+ of our client’s money every day.

Now I can’t say too much about my job (I have a non-disclosure agreement to protect company secrets from becoming public), but I can say that the clients I work with create immense pressure for me to develop them profitable PayPerClick (PPC) advertising campaigns that make them money.

The short version?

I have the experience and knowledge to create exceptional advertising campaigns that will bring you more fans for less money.

When we’re talking about your hard earned dollars you definitely want to get the most fans for your money.

Rest assured, any of the tips you receive in this Online Magazine are coming from someone who is an expert in the area of online advertising, and really does know his stuff.

That means you get to learn from an expert on how to create amazing advertising campaigns for your band (In simple terms that anyone can do).

Maybe it’s not something you are the most interested in doing, but I promise that I’ll do my best to make it fun for you.

This way you can spend less on advertising to gain fans so you'll have more money to put into your advertising (more fans for additional revenue), or to spend on other things (Like that new guitar amplifier!)

In the end, making online advertising your friend will ultimately help you make more money from your music, which will turn enable you to quit your day job and write/perform music for a living…

…Have I said that one enough times yet?

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Learn How To Compose And Execute Your Musical Philosophy

As you start learning how to grow in your musical philosophy, you'll be able to start writing music that fully capture's and reflects your own personality (and the personality’s of the musicians you are working with).

Now don’t take me as pretentious here; I’m sure you are already a fantastic musician who gets every single bit of her conscious and subconscious idea’s and emotions into her music already.

But for the rest of you who struggle with getting all of these concepts into an audible sound, you are going to find that 'Music For A Living' online magazine will make you proud of how genuine and reflective the music you write becomes.

You can learn how to turn your music into an artistic reflection of your unique personality.

And when you are proud of your music, you become passionate about it, which brings more satisfaction and excitement to your life.

You'll be happier, more fulfilled, and in a much better place to build and sustain a music career. And if you can build and sustain your music career, you will once again be in a position where you don’t have to do a job that you hate anymore.

Gain Control Over Your Instrument And Music To Fully Express Your Creative Urges - Without Restraint

As I teach you how to become technically proficient with your instrument, you'll be able to rely on yourself to play your music right every time, which will make you more confident in your playing ability.

You'll be less nervous about playing music in front of other people, and your live performance will become better than ever before.

Your fans will have a much better time at your show, and because they are feeding off your confident and attractive energy (Wait a second…I’ve said that one already…), they will tell all of their friends about your amazing live show.

All that buzz around your band will gain you a positive reputation for stunning live performances which will increase your fan base exponentially.

And as your fan base grows, so will your income. And the idea of living off of your music (Instead of doing the 9-5) will become a reality, rather than just a dream.

Learn Which Advertising Opportunities Will Effectively Expose Your Band To The Masses (And Which Will Be Like Burning Money)

When I teach you which area’s you should put your advertising efforts and dollars into, it will prevent you from wasting your time or money on ineffective advertising.

This gives you more time to devote to your music, and helps you to create better music than you thought possible; Although it will take some discipline not to waste that extra time away (I’ve got tips to share about this as well!) and use it to become a better music writer.

The increase-in-quality to your music will appeal to a wider audience (Good music typically does!). I’m not saying that you will become more generic, but you’ll be able to capture more of your target audience (If you write metal, more metal fans will like your music).

Oops, did I say more fans again? And what comes along with more fans?

That’s right, the big moocha ($), along with another great opportunity for you to say goodbye to your melancholy job and invite music in to take its place.

Not that I’m saying you should be poor though! Only quit that job once music becomes a larger source of income for you than your day job.

The Even better news is…I’ve got oodles of idea’s to help make that dream happen!

Gain Access To The Time-Saving Strategies That The Bigwig’s In Music Promotion Are Using

I’m not sure if you’ve ever subscribed to any music blogs or newsletters, but I often find it time consuming and discouraging to know which techniques are the most effective use of your time.

Well the ‘Music for a Living’ Online Magazine only includes the "Best-of-the-best" information available.

I sort through all of these newsletters (I’m subscribed to tons of them) so that I can deliver to you the easiest and most useful tactics that these “Bigwig’s” have to offer.

This research will be incredibly useful for you, as it allows you can spend more time writing and promoting your music, and less time worrying about all the business tasks that come along with being a successful musician (Although you will still have to spend some time on them!)

And when you spend more time on your music, everybody wins. Your fans win because they gain passionate, emotionally captivating music, and you win because you gain:

  1. More Fans
  2. More Satisfied Fans (Who are willing to buy more of your merchandise)
  3. More Attention from critics and reviewers (I’m one of them!)
  4. And once again, more fans (because of that favorable album review you received).

Don’t ever underestimate how creating genuine and self-expressive music is more important than any other aspect of the music business.

With that in mind, remember that even Van Gogh died a poor man because of his lack of ability to market himself… although I’ll let him use the mental illness (and dying young) as an excuse for that unfortunate fact.

But you aren’t dead yet, and you’re armed with much more information than Van Gogh had; I’m slowly taking away every single excuse you have so that I can force musical success upon you!

Exclusive Interviews With Successful Artists, Music Manager’s, PR Reps, And More!

I’m consistently interviewing universally accepted professionals in the music field, so you know the advice I give comes from people who are within the music industry, and are successful at what they do.

Heck, I’ll even share some of these interviews with you!

You’ll be able to get advice from not only me, but from music managers, promoters, and successful bands.

That way you can be confident that the advice you are taking is coming from credible, authentic sources, and the actions you put your time and energy into won’t be wasted.

You’ll be able to put more time and effort into activities that are effective (20% Effort - 80% Reward).

And when your marketing efforts are consistently successful, you’ll be able to reach more fans, which will in turn help you make more money from your music.

I doubt I need to even say what happens when you make more money from your music.

On Top Of All The Aforementioned, I Should Also Mention That I’m Hilarious!

Okay, so maybe I’m not all that hilarious. I’ll bet you probably just find me arrogant and egotistical, but at least you know you won't get bored reading dry, music promotion material.

That means you'll enjoy this Magazine more than any others you are subscribed to, and you'll look forward to reading the “Music for a Living” Online Magazine, rather than dreading it!

And as we all know, when you are enjoying your learning you’ll retain more of the useful information that I have to share, which will in turn help you remember more about creating your own successful music career.

With more knowledge on the subject, you'll be much more likely to have a successful music career, and will be that much closer to your “I’ve said it a million times” goal of quitting your day job so you can spend your peaceful days writing incredibly creative music...

...instead being suppressed by a boss who only lets you wear Hawaiian shirts every 2nd Friday.

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Get’s Fed To You In Monthly, Bite-Sized Portions

If there is anything that will prevent you from learning, it’s either a lack of information, or it’s too much information.

Why do you think they tell you in school that “cramming” the night before a test doesn’t work?

It’s because your brain suffers from an overload of information, and isn’t able to process it all. That is why the concept of “Bite-sized” portions is so popular. And with the “Music for a Living” Online Magazine, everything is laid out in bite-sized portions..

Because it only comes in monthly doses, you won’t from suffer from information overload, and you won't be paralyzed to inaction because you have too many things to do.

You’ll be able to spend more time doing activities that benefit your music, less of your time will be wasted on useless activities (or no activities), and your music will receive all the attention that it deserves.

And when you can give your music the attention it deserves, you not only honor your music, but you will be more likely to create and promote music that is brilliant, and your chances of music success will be greatly increased.

Your Email Privacy Is More Serious To Me Than The Melting Ice-Caps

And up here in Canada, we take our Ice Caps incredibly seriously (I’m referring to both Global Warming, as well as the Iced Cappuccino)

What does that mean for you?

For starters, you can be assured that I certainly won't be sharing your email address with anyone. That way your inbox will stay spam-free, and you won’t have to waste any of your precious time (that you could be playing music with) dealing with unwanted email.

This saved time will give you more time to work on your music, and you’ll be able to write better music because of it.

And when you are sharing better music with people, it will be more likely that they like the music, and you’ll see your fan count start to skyrocket through the roof.

As usual, we all know what more fans mean. That means more music sold, more concert tickets sold, more etc.

In the end, you’ll just be able to make more money from your music, which will once again help you get rid of your dull- dreary job, and let you follow your dream of playing music for a living.

And to top it all off…

…Did I Mention That This Fantastic Online Magazine Is Free?

You won’t even pay a penny to learn how to achieve your dreams of playing music for a living.

Think you don’t have time for another subscription to your inbox?

Well if you take count of all time you will waste on money-burning and ineffective advertising, time being stuck in writer’s block (Because you aren’t using my diverse methods for writing music), and time wasted surfing the net for information that will help you further your music career...

...can you really afford not to subscribe to The “Music for a Living” Online Magazine?

I’m not even asking you to take a risk (remember, it’s free!), and I’m certain that you won’t be disappointed.

It should be the easiest decision you’ve ever made. So…

…Why haven’t you signed up yet?

Sign Up Now!

Why Subscribe To The “Music For a Living” Online Magazine?

In my ongoing online magazine, I will show you how to quit your day job (for good) and play music for a living instead.

It’s not just a pipe dream though! There is a ton of method to the madness. With Music for a Living, you will be able to:

  • Live your dream of playing music for a living.
  • Create your own musical success (Instead of hoping that the greedy record labels will give you a ‘record deal’).
  • Become more confident in your playing ability, and less nervous about playing in front of people (Cure stage fright!)
  • Take steps to further your bands musical success today, whether you are an independent artist with no reach, or if you are already signed.
  • Create rich and diverse recordings that will impress the pants off of anyone with musical taste (Even though you just made it at home!)
  • Live off the income 1000 die-hard fans provide you (That’s all you need to make your dream come true!)
  • Have more time to devote to your music, and give it the attention it deserves.
  • Stop wasting your time on useless activities (and focus your promotion on area’s that will bring your more fans)
  • Have access to the methods that all the “Bigwigs” in music promotion are using to achieve proven results for their bands.
  • Avoid spam (I will only use your email address to send you The “Music For A Living” Online Magazine.)

Although it will be easy, it will still take your time and some sort of effort to make these dreams come true for yourself.

I’m hoping you can now realistically see yourself on stage in front of hundreds, if not thousands of excited fans as much as I can imagine you doing it.

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3. I will work diligently to defend your privacy

P.S.: Signing up for The "Music For A Living" Online Magazine will help you learn what steps to take that will enable you to quit your job, and play music for a living instead.

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In his first full album, he touches on elements and genre's such as:

  • Electronic
  • R&B
  • Auto-Tuned Vocal Harmony-ness
  • Experimental
  • Jazz
  • Acoustic

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