NOFX - They've actually gotten WORSE live

by Gianni
(Sherman Oaks, CA)



Punk rock, politics and copious amounts of alcohol.... and that's just the beginning.

As a band who is known for performing under the influence of various substances, heckling the crowd, and screwing up even the simplest of songs, your greatest accomplishment is capturing the madness of your live performances on CD and actually selling records.

Not only do NOFX succeed but with side-splitting results. "WORSE" is a candid view into the off kilter humor and drunken musicianship that is NOFX.

They tackle political and religious issues with the intelligence and integrity that 99% of the American media lack, while embodying the very essence of punk rock and still finding the time to make fun of the fans, society and most importantly, themselves.

The album begins with Fat Mike warning the crowd that they are very drunk and that this performance is going to be awesome. Then they immediately go about proving both of these points.

Straying away from the album released tracks that you would hear at Warped Tour, they open with songs off of their EP's, playing with tons of energy and stumbling over words between songs.

They introduce a theme for the night, "taking an old slow song and playing it really fast". Taking tracks like "Scavenger Type", "Yer Wrong" and "Whoops I Od'd" from acoustic to pure punk bliss is a real treat for long time fans.

Another fun game they play is "8 songs in 6 minutes". This is a blend of short songs from 7"s and EP's that are played back to back at lightning speed.

All in all the album is a satisfying journey from the old to the new, the (not so)well known to the obscure, and from existential insight to slovenly crude slacking off.

Guest appearances on "Lori Meyers" and "I, Melvin" add just the right amount of flavor to songs that really wouldn't work out live otherwise.

To top off this reckless ride, they perform the intro to "The Decline", an 18 minute piece of punk rock gold and probably the most defining song they have ever written.

Unfortunately they do not include the entire song on the record.

This record is the perfect addition to any CD collection weather you are a die hard fan or have only heard of the band. It is a true expression of the energy that these guys embody and the passion behind their art.

It teaches us that you can be successful without conforming your talents to appeal to the popular consensus and also why the consensus is not worth appealing to.

It shows that you can make a powerful impact on a significant group of people without taking yourself too seriously.

It shows that common sense doesn't come from the practical and reformed but from the unconventional and open minded.

In short, buy this album. Then buy "The Decline" and listen to it right afterwards.

*Helpful Hint: Drink a 6 pack during this time, for the interactive experience.

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