Online Singing Lessons: Why Every Singer Should Make The Plastic Bear A Key Part Of Their Vocal Warm Up

And How It Can Help Heal Your Vocal Cords As Well!

Vocal warm-ups are incredibly important to protecting your voice. But on top of online singing lessons and "do-re-mi-fa-so-la" warm-ups, there are other things you can do to protect your voice before a show (or just while you are practicing music) as well.

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Online Singing Lessons - From A Growling Metal Vocalist

My buddy Braden was telling me about how he went to a metal concert, and was talking to the main growler/metal vocalist after the show.

Now anyone who is doing hardcore/metal music is going to have the toughest time protecting their voice, as the music they sing is already about as hard as they could possibly treat them.

So you know that they are going to have to have the best warm-ups and techniques in order to keep their voices from becoming damaged.

The growler he was talking to was holding one of those plastic bear-shaped squeeze bottles that had honey in it.

It was a pretty funny sight. Just imagine the most hardcore guy with long hair and tattoo's, holding this -->

He asked him about it, and apparently putting Honey into luke-warm water is one of the best things you can do to help protect your voice from a beating.

Online Singing Lessons - Your Vocal Cords' Invisible Force Field!

You see, the sugar in the honey will coat your throat, so any damage and friction you are going to put on your vocal cords has to work it's way through the sugar before it is able to really do any damage.

It's kind of like putting up a small protective force field on your vocals.

This helps to relax your vocal cords, which in turn will help improve the tone of your voice, and will make it easier for you to sing.

So get yourself a plastic bear, and start drinking the lukewarm honey mixture every time you sing.

Try it just once, and you will get hooked; your vocal performance will be better than ever.

Bonus Tip: Mixing honey with tea and a little lemon juice (drink it very slowly) can help to heal your vocal cords if you ever put too much strain on them, or get sick. You can also use this to prepare for a performance as well!

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