How To Set Up And Organize A Small Outdoor Concert (Part 5)

Other Bands

Planning on playing your outdoor concert alone?

Well most bands don’t really enjoy playing for 4 hours when doing their event, so it’s likely you will need to get some others band involved in your show.

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There are 3 main benefits to this.

1. You now have 2 or 3 times the entertainment value than you were previously able to deliver to your audience. Now when people are coming to your show, you can say that you have others bands playing, and it will make them more likely to show up.

2. The bands that play with you are likely to draw in their own amount of people, which means more ticket sales and concession, making your event an even bigger success than it was before. The amount of people that a band brings with them when they play a show is called their “draw” (which I used two sentences ago!)

The draw is always important, because it can mean the difference between a band that contributes to the show and a band that just sits there.

Don't bring a band that Draws cards like these...

3. You now have a little free time and energy during the show to take care of any loose ends, as well as taking the time to relax and actually enjoy the show that you just organized.

If you are planning on playing at this show, I recommend that you do not play first.

The reason that you shouldn’t play first is that…well…

…people are not very punctual!

You will often have people showing up to your event an hour or 45 minutes late. And if you play first, that means they “just missed” your performance.

I often won’t even start the event until 30 minutes after I said it would start. That gives people a chance to get to your event (If they are running late), and will help to make sure that everyone is present for the 2nd performance (when your band is playing!)

Don't Even Pretend To Be Sorry.

No matter how many bands are playing, I suggest you try to get your band smack in the middle of the order.

The only time you should ever play last is:

  • You know that most of the crowd is there only to see your band
  • There are only two bands in total (Last is better than first)

So try to get yourself either 2nd or 3rd in a show, always! And if the show only has 1 band playing (YOU!), then I suggest you start playing 30-45 minutes late in order to have more fans see the show.

Sometimes fans can get antsy, so you should play if that happens, but I recommend holding off as long as you can if it's only you.

Final Thoughts

If you at least consider the bulk of what I’ve just said here, you are well on the way to having a successful event.To summarize what we covered, we went over:

  • The Venue
  • Advertising
  • The Stage
  • Restrooms
  • Power
  • Equipment
  • Sound Bylaws
  • Concession/Merchandise
  • Volunteers
  • Lighting
  • Other Bands

Now, I probably should remind you to…

…practice for your show!

After putting all the effort to organize your show, it would be a shame if you were too tired and under practiced to put on a good show!

Make it enjoyable for your audience, and remember to have fun with it too! You are putting on a big event and you should be proud of yourself for taking the initiative to do it!

Now that you've read my articles, VOILA; a newly fabricated outdoor concert for you!

I would also recommend you get your friends or family to film/take pictures of the event.

If you plan on making it a regular event, these videos/pictures are going to be vital in your future promotion efforts. They will let people know “how cool” last year’s event was, and will entice them to attend this/next year.

This concludes my "How To Put On An Outdoor Concert" series. It was a fun ride for me to write.

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