What Makes Outkast One Of The Dopest Hip-Hop Groups Ever?

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Outkast covers a buttload of different genres, including:

  • Hip-Hop
  • Rap
  • Jazz
  • Rock
  • Experimental
  • Pop

About Outkast

I only started listening to Outkast recently, but I remember when their album "The Love Below" came out when I was a kid.

At the time I didn't really appreciate it as much, with their big singles being "Hey Ya" and "Roses" (I thought Hey Ya was a much better song).

Now that I've taken a look back at them, they a fairly genius hip-hop band ("The Love Below" won many awards for being such a good album).

There's just something really special and unique about them, especially Andre 3000's presence in their songs.

The lyrics are generally quite hilarious, and so are the interludes: spoken word monologue/dialogue's that usually can make you laugh right out loud.

For example, in a monologue where Andre 3000 is praying to god (Who he thinks is a girl), he prays:

"God...I got a favor to ask you. God… if it's not too much to ask...I just want a sweet bitch. She doesn't even have to have a big 'ol ass, just something rightly proportionate to her body!"

Most of their humor is "tongue-in-cheek" like this. Generally very facetious and ridiculous (on purpose of course).

They have some wicked jazz piano (See the songs "Roses", "Spread", and "Love Hater"), combined with awesome Jazz horn sections, jazz bass, and jazzy guitars; they combine them perfectly with rap sections and catchy vocal tunes.

Outkast is not only original, but they are catchy as hell too.

They are the type of band that you will go through an "Outkast" phase, and won't want to listen to anything else..

I'm recommending them for your music library. Even if you hate rap, they might be able to sway you in a direction that will open your mind.

I know for the longest time I never respected rap as actual music, but it turns out I just wasn't looking in the right places.

If your entire impression of rap is crappy gangster rap like 50 cent, then of course you aren't going to think rap is a very advanced source of culture.

But if you envelope yourself in artists like Gorillaz, Peeping Tom, and Outkast, then you'll realize that rap (If done right) can be an incredible art-form that deserves to be up there with Miles Davis (As far as how much respect it deserves).

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