Parachute - Overnight

by K.W.

Once the band caught their first taste of fame after graduating from college, they were determined to distinguish themselves from others who were trying to make a name for themselves in the music scene. In their most recent album, Overnight, the band strives to create the perfect pop song and uses the newest technologies to add a bit of catchy ear candy to their songs.

The album is full of catchy romantic power anthems that will undoubtedly win over the hearts of many fans and help them gain a number of new listeners. Although their attempt to spice up their sound resulted in some appealing new songs, their attempt to differentiate themselves from other artists wasn’t very successful.

Parachute’s new album, Overnight, will not dominate any of the top music charts, but its effortless, catchy charm will create a prime spot in the hearts of their fans and some mainstream pop listeners.

Similar to a large majority of popular pop music in today’s society, practically all of the lyrics on the album express strained emotions of heartbreak and lost love. The lead single “Can’t Help” is a powerful love anthem that sounds more like something that would be produced by Maroon 5.

You’d think that resembling one of the most popular bands at this time, Maroon 5, would be a compliment, but unfortunately for Parachute it isn’t a compliment. The resemblance defeats their attempt at standing out from the rest of the music scene. Not only one song, but two songs resemble something created by Maroon 5.

The second song is Parachute’s “Drive You Home,” which takes after the heartfelt lyrics about having to leave the one you love in Maroon 5’s “Daylight.” On the plus side, both of these songs written by Parachute have lyrics that the listeners are able to relate to their own experiences with love and heartbreak.

Parachute pulls away from their new, strong electronic sound towards the middle of the album and resorts to their old innocent, smooth Parachute sound. Beautiful melodies of piano, guitar, and spot on-harmonies give the songs their old sound back.

The reminiscence to Parachute’s innocence will keep their fans satisfied, but will also draw in a number of new fans with their new sound. “Overnight” and “Disappear” are two tracks that closely resemble Parachute’s earlier music. In fact, “Disappear” showcase’s lead singer Will Anderson’s flawless, crisp vocals while complementing them with a soft acoustic sound.

The song that evokes the strongest emotion from the listener is “Hurricane.” This song expresses the struggle of trying to forget someone or something, but the pain of the struggle is so overwhelming that forgetting is no longer an option.

The honesty and passion of the lyrics in this song pulls at the heartstrings of listeners to create an emotional connection between the listener and the song.

“I’m standing in the pouring rain / I feel it like a hurricane / A photograph
is all it takes / But I know I shouldn’t let it / And the memory is rising fast
/ It’s seeping in through every crack / Oh funny how it all comes back /
When you’re trying to forget it”

This connection felt by the fans will make “Hurricane” a great song to perform at concerts because the audience will faithfully sing all of the lyrics along with the band.

Unfortunately, two of the songs on the Overnight album are so far out of the ordinary for Parachute to produce that it is obvious that they don’t go well with the rest of the album at all. Deciding to stretch the boundaries of their music to include a track entitled “Didn’t See It Comin” with spoken word vocals was not in their favor.

The song has the potential to be one of the top tracks on the album, but including the spoken lyrics completely destroyed that potential. When listening to these vocals, a feel of the pop punk sound of Green Day came to my mind. The comparison to Green Day isn’t completely negative; however Parachute is so far from being punk that the two just don’t mesh nicely.

The final track on the album, “Higher,” is, once again, a far stretch from the romantic pop sound of Parachute. The song is a very up-beat, bouncy, motivational power anthem. Parachute’s decision to include a gospel-chorus for background vocals on this track was very interesting, but was too much to comprehend considering all of the other things going on in the background music of the song.

The guys of Parachute deserve credit for being so adventurous, but yet again their desire to try new things and be different has gone too far.

When listening to the entire album, most people will agree that lead singer, Will Anderson, consistently delivers perfect falsettos and beautiful harmonies. The way he delivers the lyrics with such emotion that the listener is able to emotionally connect with the song is true talent.

Overnight recognizably has many strong, positive characteristics and is full of extremely catchy songs, but that doesn’t secure a spot on the top of the charts for Parachute. Although they pushed themselves to change their sound, the change was not in their favor because they wound up sounding like wanna-be pop stars like Maroon 5 or Justin Timberlake. Their attempts to differentiate their sound worked against them on Overnight.

Overall, this album will remain in the hearts of long-time Parachute fans and will also help them gain more loyal fans, but Overnight does not have the oomph or uniqueness needed to propel them up the top music charts.

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