Porcupine Tree Deadwing Review

With the release of "Deadwing " I think that Porcupine Tree did an amazing job of continuing their course into complete and total awesomeness. 

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One thing I have noticed from the "New" Porcupine Tree (Post-Lightbulb Sun Era) is that they really like to start each album off with a more catchy and upbeat song. A song that even those who aren't musically intelligent can like.

Deadwing really isn't an exception. The first song (Deadwing) is one of those songs (Not to say it is for less musical people...but more saying that it has a higher "First Listen" Value).

I think what I like so much about it is just the simplicity of it all. I mean, the riff at the beginning is just 3 chords played in succession. Nothing more than that, but it holds the weight of a full, catchy, guitar hook.

I just find that incredible.

One of my favorite songs on the album is "Arriving Somewhere But not here".

It starts out with a drawn-out intro of ambient noise, and then builds dramatically from there. The 10 minute long song is well worth the listen.

Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere But Not Here

The album continues!

Set List 

  • Deadwing
  • Shallow
  • Lazarus
  • Halo
  • Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
  • Mellotron Scratch
  • Open Car
  • The Start of Something Beautiful
  • Glass Arm Shattering

Another great mention would be the song "Halo".

Essentially the song is from the point of view of someone who is religious, and thinks he is God's gift to man.

An excellent line to describe the persons point of view is "I've got a Halo around me" which obviously implies he thinks he is holy.

Of course, the song is making fun of people like that...I find it really interesting, and definitely fits in with what I believe (I'm a Christian, but I can't stand people who hold their nose in the air, just like anybody else.) 

I really think that Deadwing brings close to all the cards to the table. The album is this close to being my favorite Porcupine Tree album.

Deadwing plays with the theme of shallowness as seen in the songs "Shallow", "Halo", and "Open Car".

Steven Wilson has also written a screenplay for the album, and hopes to have it turned into a movie.

Even though the album has a large amount of continuity, in theme and story wise, I've just found that it doesn't fit together, feeling wise, as it could

So instead of "incredibly amazing" I just say that the album is "amazing".

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