Porcupine Tree Live: The Incident Concert Tour - Sept 15th, 2009 @ The Moore Theater In Seattle

I was blessed with the opportunity to see Porcupine Tree Live last night.

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It was the very first Concert of their "The Incident" tour, and was also the release date of the album of the same name.

It was...imaginazing.

We made the trek from Canada all the way up to Seattle In Washington. About a 4 hour drive each way (At 2 in the morning...not as much fun as the way there...).

We got inside the massive and finely crafted "Moore Theater" and took our seats.

The Opening Act: "That 1 Guy"

I can't even describe to you how cool the opening performance was.

A guy walked out on stage, with what looked like a harp. But it wasn't a harp, and it had a movable arm and was made out of metal plumbing.

He is called "That 1 Guy", and his performance was absolutely stunning.

His instrument had certain electronic triggers on it, and when he tapped or hit a certain part of his metal plumbing, it would trigger a MIDI sound.

As well, a vertical wire is strung that he can play, similar to a contra bass in that aspect.

That, combined with his unique use of vocals and a double kick pedal, makes this one of the most unique and innovative performances I have ever seen.

You can visit That 1 Guy's Website here.

Porcupine Tree's 1st Set

The 1st set consisted of Steven Wilson and the band playing through their new album "The Incident".

Steven mentioned "I pretty nervous as this is the first time we have ever played 'The Incident' in concert".

I am unsure as to why though. It was incredible.

This was my first experience ever with this album. Although we could have bought the album and listened to it on the way there, I opted for hearing it the first time straight from Porcupine Tree Live.

At this point, I do think it was a mistake to not be familiar with the album upfront;  knowing the music when you hear it live really increases your enjoyment of the performance.

Steven Wilson on stage

The Album is...different...than the rest of Porcupine Tree Albums. I won't get into an entire album review here, but I can say that this album is a lot lighter than the last 3.

Between each song, the roadies bring out Steven new guitars, and he even sits down at his little red piano for a few select songs.

At the end of the album, the band walks off stage and we take a 10 minute break.

I sneak down from the 2nd balcony, and steal someone's spot in the Box. I am around 20 feet from Steven Wilson when the show starts again.

This is much better.

Set #2

The 2nd Set consisted of many older songs, and even some from the EP "Nil Recurring" which was the outtakes from "Fear Of A Blank Planet". It includes one of my Favorite Porcupine Tree songs "Normal". 

Set List:

  • The Start Of Something Beautiful (Deadwing)
  • The Sound Of Muzak (In Absentia)
  • Lazarus (Deadwing)
  • Russia On Ice (Lightbulb Sun)
  • Anesthetize (Fear Of A Blank Planet)
  • Normal (Nil Recurring EP)
  • Bonnie The Cat (The Incident Disc 2)
  • Way Out Of Here (Fear Of A Blank Planet)

Every single song they played was absolutely stunning and incredible, far exceeding the album versions.

Let me tell you something about Anesthetize. It's Anesthetize. And that is all I have to say about that.

After finishing the first half of the set, Steven Announces "We are going to play a song that was on the outtakes from Fear Of A Blank Planet".

Immediately my ears perk up. I know what those outtakes are. The Outtakes are that EP, Nil Recurring.

The First thought that came into my mind....


I silently whispered to myself, almost chanting."Normal...Normal...Normal...Normal...Normal...Come On Normal".

And then he says it.

"We are going to play a song from Nil Recurring, it's called 'Normal'".

I almost jumped out of the Box Seat!

It was absolutely stunning. I don't know how much of the crowd actually had heard the song before, but by the end of it, I think they were just as excited as me.

If you haven't heard it before, take a look at it now.

Porcupine Tree - Normal

Unfortunately, I couldn't get any pictures or video as any frame-taking devices were prohibited (Ok...maybe I snuck in a few shots on my cell, but nothing worth posting up here).

As Steven announces the last song they are playing will be "Way out of Here", a mixture of groans and excitement shoots through the crowd.

Excitement, because I couldn't have asked for a better song.

Groans, because it is the last song of the night.

They play. As usual, I am blown away. As the eerie videos play on the projector behind the band, we are filled with a sense of amazement once again.

Someone shouts they want to have Steven Wilson's babies. I think it was a man.

The band is never phased by any shouts from the audience, only focused on their professionalism and throwing a good show.

The Song ends, and the band walks off stage. As a crowd, we went wild.


I believe we must have cheered with increasing intensity for a full 120 Seconds.

"No Chance In Hell" I thought. They're gone...probably already in their tour bus.

But wait...

The Band walks back on Stage. An encore performance was in order. As a crowd, I think we earned it.

The song choice was "Mother And Child Divided". I only recognized it because of its appearance on the "Arriving Somewhere DVD".

I really wasn't familiar with the song, but it doesn't matter. It was jaw-dropping anyways!

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