How to Read Drum Tabs

Learn Your Favorite Drum Music Quicker And With Less Effort!

This simple lesson will show you how to read drum tabs.

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Learning how to sight read tabs can help you out immensely when trying to learn a new song, but you aren't sure (or can't recite by memory) all the drum rhythms in a song.

What Are Drum Tabs?

A Drum Tab is simply a Musical Score that contains information telling YOU, the musician, what to play.

For those of you who still don't know what I am talking about, here is an example of a Drum Tab.

An Example Of A Drum Tab

Why Learn Drum Tabs?

Drum tabs help to make learning a piece of music easier.

You always have the music to look at, so you won't "forget" what you were playing. For those of us who can't memorize every single song we want to play...super useful!

How To Read Drum Tab Rhythms

Drum tabs use the same Rhythms that Piano, Guitar, Saxophone, and pretty much every other instrument on the face of the planet uses.

You can learn more about counting the rhythms for all types of sheet music using this lesson.

How To Read Drum Notes

Drum Tabs are written out on something called a Staff.

A Staff consists of 5 Horizontal lines, and 4 Spaces. It is similar to a "Grand Staff" in piano, but does not include the bottom 5 lines that piano music would include.

A Staff with the Lines And Spaces Marked

Notes are placed on the lines, or in the spaces. Each line and space represents a different drum, so it is important to know what they represent in order to read drums tabs.

To see these representations, take a look at my Drum Staff Notation In PDF Format, or you can look at the picture below (The PDF is much better quality, so if you are having trouble reading the image below, click on This Link)

The Drum Staff

That concludes this lesson, so hopefully you now understand how drum tabs work!

If you had any trouble with this lesson, or just have some general questions about Drum Tabs, then ask in the comments below!

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