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Lesson 20 - Writing A Song

For this lesson, all you'll need to do is watch the video to start. The only written content to compliment the video will be an exercise.

This video takes you through the song creation process. It uses techniques from the last video (on blocks), and shows you how to piece together those blocks that you created, and even some tips for creating more interesting compositions.

Of course, I could never show you everything there is to learn about songwriting in 1 video, as it's a lifelong skill that no one really ever "masters" (you simply get really good at it).

As an aside, if you are interested in getting an actual songwriters course from me, send me an email and let me know. If I find that a lot of people are interested in something like that (lots of demand), then I'll be much more likely to write one (if you're really interested in those processes).

TheRealMusician Recommends:

If you want to take marketing your music to another level, then I can't recommend enough John Oszajca's music marketing manifesto. My favorite aspect of his complete program was his stance on email marketing, where he really leverages the that "1000 true fans" philosophy.

His website is a bit hokey (Flaming guitars? Seriously?), but his program really shows independant artists how to get a leg-up on signed artists.


After seeing that video, here's the exercise…are you ready?

Write your own song! Wow, isn't that a surprise? I'll bet you were really shocked to find out that the exercise for a video about songwriting, was that you would need to do some song writing!

Once you've finished your song, you'll need to click "File > Export Song As Audio File". Save it as a "WAV" file, and you now have a published product!

What would really be awesome, would be if you uploaded your song to Soundcloud, Bandcamp, or some other service, and then send me the link.

Now I would hope that you will take more time than I have (in the video) when you write your song. Put some heart into it!

I recommend you do a simple song structure, like I did in the above video (Verse - Chorus - Verse - Chorus - Bridge - Chorus), because this is your first song using Reason. Once you feel it's ready, upload it, and share it with me so that I can take a listen to what this course has brought you.

Of course, you can experiment with other song structures (Or no structure at all) later, once you have a feel for writing music in Reason.

And now, for the final test...

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