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Lesson 5 - Redrum Advanced

In This Lesson: More features of the Redrum drum programmer.

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How To Use This Lesson

Watch the video below and take the quiz at the bottom of the page. If you need a bit of extra help with the videos, then by all means read the accompanying written content (the written content on this page simply restates what was said in the video).

Make sure you set the video below to at least "720p HD", if not "1080p HD", and then set it to Fullscreen as well. Otherwise the video won't display properly, and it will be quite difficult to follow the tutorial.

You can set it to 1080p HD by clicking the little Gearbox icon at the bottom of the video, and clicking "1080p HD". You can set the video to fullscreen by choosing the very bottom-right button in the video.


  • Click the "Shuffle" box to change your beat to a shuffle.
  • You can add "Flam" notes (Sounds like two notes playing in quick succession) by clicking the "Flam" box, and then whichever notes you program with that, will now be a flam.
  • The closer the flam knob is to Zero, the closer together the flam notes will be.

You can also sample in Redrum using your microphone to emulate the sound of different drums (Or something different altogether).

Redrum will automatically change the start time of your sample to match with the highest velocity of the sample.

In other words, even if you don't clap at the beginning of your sample, it will fast forward and only use the part of the sample where you clapped.

  • You can change the pitch of each drum sample using the pitch knob. This can give you a dramatically different sound.
  • You can change the volume of each sample using the "Level" knob.
  • Change the length of each sample (How long will it play), using the "Length" knob
  • You can also change whether or not you want a gate or a decay (Decay will fade out, while a gate will either be on or off, no fades)

You can also change the amount of steps (or notes) that you want in your pattern. You can have up to 64 steps in a pattern total. Use the "Steps" feature to change that number.

  • Use the "Resolution" knob to change which TYPE of notes are being played (quarter, 1/8th, 16/th, 1/8 Triplets, etc.)

Be sure to use the folder icon for individual drums to put any sounds you like in your drum set!


Rather than a quiz, I have an exercise for this lesson. Super simple: Do the following tasks:

  1. Shuffle a beat, then listen to it.
  2. Add 2 flam notes, with different flam lengths, to your beat.
  3. Sample a drum yourself using a microphone (hopefully your computer has one built in, which would make it incredibly easy to do, otherwise you'll need a pre-amp and microphone).
  4. Change the pitch of a drum sample
  5. Change the volume of a drum sample
  6. Change the length of a sample. Experiment with the gate/decay feature.
  7. Change the resolution of your beat to see how it plays differently.

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