Start Writing Your Own Original Music Using Reason In 20 Short (Yet Thorough), HD Video Lessons – The Real Reason Beginners Course (Now Free!)

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I’ve spent the last few months designing a course for beginners who have either never used Reason, or for newbies who have only dabbled in Reason (and still don’t have a foundational grasp on the program).

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On a personal level, this is the best set of lessons I have ever written (including all the content on this website); it’s the height of my achievement as a teacher.

What Will You Learn In This Course?

Here’s what you can expect to learn in this course. You’ll learn how to:

  • Use the entire reason interface.

  • Design unique drum beats using ReDrum and Kong.

  • Create and edit each individual drum for custom drum sounds

  • Set up your own MIDI keyboard.

  • Create and customize your own instruments.

  • Add reverb, delay, distortion, and other effects to your instruments.

  • Edit and quantize notes that you’ve already recorded.

  • Create spot-on mixes using the Reason Mixer and Mastering Suite.

  • Sample your own voice and play it on your MIDI keyboard like it’s own instrument (Sing one note and you can create an entire choir from that one note!).

  • Use and understand LFO’s.

  • Use and understand equalizers.

  • Use the Reason Arpeggiator to play notes faster than you ever thought possible.

  • Build your own synth sounds from the ground one, starting from square one.

  • Use the block system to make songwriting easier than ever.

  • Write, assemble, and export your very first Reason song.

There’s actually much more than that in this course, but I just wanted to give you a little sneak preview of what’s inside.

Speaking of what’s inside, we’ve got…

1080p HD Screen Recordings

Unlike most online tutorials (where it’s so fuzzy you can’t even see what they’re doing), you’ll see every detail of what I’m showing you in the video with complete clarity.

The video quality won’t be a barrier to your learning (like many other online tutorials); it will be as if you had a live personal instructor standing beside you (or even better because you’ll be able to learn at your own pace).

Spend less time learning, and more time writing music: 1080p HD video baby!

Your Teacher Writes (And Performs) Music Using Reason

Any serious electronic music that I write is done with Reason. I use a variety of programs to produce my product, but Reason is at the heart of it.

I play this music live for people, and I always get great reactions from my tunes.

It’s important that you know your course is coming from a direction of experience and practicality, not difficult-to-understand theory that won’t help you in the real world of music.

I’m not a programmer. I’m not obsessed with parameters and whizmo’s and nutbolts – I care about writing MUSIC with Reason, and that’s what I teach in this course.

You’ll learn how to adjust the settings you need to adjust, but I won’t bog you down with anything more complex than that.

You do not have to learn to be a programmer to use Reason, you just need to have a desire to learn about writing music.

With this course, you’ll learn to be a musician with Reason, not a programmer.

20 Short, Easily Digestible Online Lessons

There’s no need to go through 900,000 tutorials to learn Reason – in fact, 20 short (most lessons are under 10 minutes long), high-quality lessons is all you need; you could theoretically start writing your own music after the 4th lesson (although I recommend you watch and engage in the full 20 for the best results).

Instead of 5 or 6 really long lessons, I think that short video’s are the way to go. It helps protect your awesome mind from information overload, and allows your brain learn in layers (like a cake); that’s the way your mind learns best.

When you learn in layers, you start building skills that you will remember forever (not forget next week). As a result, everything you learn in this course will last a lifetime (if you follow all of my instructions and do all the exercises).

Remember, online video means that there’s no way for you to lose your course (failed hard drives anyone?) as I am hosting them online for you.

This way you can watch them from any computer, and you don’t need to use your precious hard drive space on downloaded videos. As an added benefit to you, no waiting for downloads means you can start learning within minutes of signing up.

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PS: If you have any questions or concerns about the course, Contact Me Here and I'll do my best to answer any questions or concerns you might have.