Site's That I Like And Use Often

There's a bunch of websites that each of you use, and a bunch that I use. And the one's I use are more important than yours, so start using these sites or you'll fail and die and fall downs stairs and whatnot...

TheRealMusician Recommends:

If you want to take marketing your music to another level, then I can't recommend enough John Oszajca's music marketing manifesto. My favorite aspect of his complete program was his stance on email marketing, where he really leverages the that "1000 true fans" philosophy.

His website is a bit hokey (Flaming guitars? Seriously?), but his program really shows independant artists how to get a leg-up on signed artists.

Well you probably won't die. But seriously, I don't read from sites that are lame. I only pick the cream of the crop to fill my eyes.

Eliminate everything that sucks, and read things that don't! So here is my list (with categories!) of sites I think are awesome, and that I think you will find valuable!

Music Learning

  • Audio Tuts Plus - Great for learning programs like Ableton, Reason, Pro Tools, etc.
  • Ultimate Guitar - Crazy amount of lesson, tabs, and reviews of equipment

Sites That Are Hilarious:

  • The Best Page In The Universe - Title says it all. Also, his book "The Alphabet Of Manliness" is one of my favorite books has a chapter on Farting and Zombies (Corporate)
  • Hyperbole And A Half - Allie writes one of the funniest blogs I've ever read, complete with hilarious MS Paint illustrations (Hundreds of them!)
  • The Onion - Great Satire News site (Fake News), CNN views them as an authority on world events.
  • Best Of Craigslist - You haven't been here yet? Seriously? Do it.
  • - If you've never been to cracked, you are missing out on the funniest history and world events lessons ever taught. Just look at This Article and you won't be able to stop.


  • Guitar Pro - I use guitar pro for transcribing and writing new songs. It has a Realistic Sound Engine, although I turn it off a lot (Uses lots of system resources). Pretty much the best thing that non-classical musicians can use for compositions.
  • Native Instruments Komplete - This collection has some of the most amazing sounds I've ever heard. So far I mainly use 'Massive' and 'Absynth', but I'm hoping to start using more of their plug-ins as I get more experienced in Electronic music.
  • Logic Studio - Competing DAW with Pro Tools. Better suited for composer's, where most audiophile's will choose Pro Tools instead. Really good for Electronic music and excels with MIDI Capabilities. Ratatat uses it on stage!
  • Mainstage 2 - Comes along with Logic Studio. It basically allows you to use a lot of the instruments that you would use in Logic for a live situation. I know that Ratatat uses it, and I've used it live as well! Although I still think there are quite a few things they could improve on the program, it's still really neat.
  • Ableton Live - Ableton Live is kind of the standard for doing Electronic music on stage or DJing. I use it for composition as well, but yeah it's pretty much a standard in music these days.
  • Reason - I mainly use Reason for the awesome sounds that it has. It's kind of like a recording interface, but once again mainly for electronic music.
  • Pro Tools 9 - Pro Tools 9 is pretty much the standard in professional music recording. And with the new version out, you don't even need to get a specialized interface (In previous versions you needed to have their overpriced interface in order to run the program).Should mention that this program is near impossible to pirate as you need an "iLok" which is a USB dongle, to run it properly.
  • Adobe Everything - Programs like Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Soundbooth, and Adobe Premier. Great if you are wanting to create some professional images (Or band posters), and work with any of your band pictures or what not. I use this daily on the website.
  • Digsby - Great little chat client (Like MSN Messenger) that you can hook your Facebook chat up to. Especially useful at work if there are blockers on your internet.
  • HootsuiteYou can update your Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace pages simultaneously from this app. You can even tell it to update you status at a future date. Great for keeping readers up to date across all platforms.
  • - Can't afford Photoshop, but need more than MS Paint for editing? is free, and I used it a ton before I got my hands on photoshop.
  • Firefox - If you are still using Internet Explorer, be ashamed and change your crap browser to Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • Google Chrome - My favorite web browser. It's very quick, and has some great extensions to increase functionality. It runs much quicker than Firefox too. Look out for the "Media Hint" extension which will give you the U.S. Netflix.
  • Microsoft Office (07' or 10' - Believe it or not, Microsoft office is super useful for organizing yourself. OneNote is one of my favorite programs, and is useful for tracking things (Like your online Music Marketing efforts!)
  • iTunes - I'm sure I don't have to tell you about iTunes, but here goes. It's Great for listening to music, as well as converting files to MP3's. Will grab album artwork and information about your songs as well.
  • Steam - Not really music related, but use Steam for pretty much all of your computer gaming. I do. It has support for Windows as well as Mac, and you can play really dope games like Portal and Team Fortress 2 (As well you can import your existing games and manage them in here).A must have for anyone who games on their computer.

Marketing Tools (That every band should use)

  • Facebook - You do have your band on Facebook and such right?Create events for your band, let people know when shows are coming up, and their Pay Per Click advertising program is optimal for bands as well!
  • Twitter - Useful for quick updates to fans about news, try and provide some interesting Quips though so people will actually want to follow you. Use the TweetDeck program I mentioned above
  • ReverbNation - ReverbNation is a wicked awesome tool for managing your band. It has so many options I can't even begin to tell you.You can track things like shows (And it will remember how many people came to your event). Upload your tunes and turn them into a widget that you can use on your band website. Lots of other stuff.I've included the ReverbNation Link to my bands profile so you can get an idea of what a profile looks like.
  • BandCamp - This one is a freaking great site. You can post and sell your music up here (You won't find an easier way to sell your music online).As well people can listen to your tracks, and you can even have a "Sell by donation" option. That's right, you can be just like Radiohead!You can see a sample Bandcamp page (Blatant self promotion again!) at my bands Bandcamp Page
  • - Has a really great A-Z approach to music marketing. Will take you through a bunch of different ways to get your band out there and how to organize yourself.
  • Ariel Publicity - Ariel runs Cyber PR campaigns. Basically you can hire her to run marketing campaigns for your band.I also recommend her "Musician's Roadmap to Facebook and Twitter". It's only $20 and can really get you going on Facebook (And twitter duh)

Sites that I use Regularly (Not Necessarily Music)

  • Site Build It - This is what I built this site with. But it's more than just a lame web host with some stupid site building tools. They taught me the right mindset to be in when making a website so that I could make one that is profitable, but following something I'm super passionate about (Music) and being able to help people as well. This is the site that taught me how to write like a mad genius, and I can probably rave a lot about them. Super recommended if you are looking for extra cash, although I'll mention that it's a really serious site (Not some Get-Rich-Quick thing), so if you are looking for magical ways to "Make $6000 a day on Google!", this would not be your solution. Very Legit ( is proof that it helps you build successful websites!)
  • Psychotactics - Psychotactics is less of a Music Marketing site, and more of a marketing site in General. It's mainly geared towards businesses, but nevertheless it's something I read often so I thought I would share. Sean's book "The Brain Audit" is super useful in showing how to get into the mindset of customers. I love it, but you can be the judge as to how useful it is for you.

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