Sell Out Muse -
Are They Selling Out? Or Simply Diversifying?

After Black Holes and Revelations, Muse kind of went in a very different direction with their music. They started recycling old idea's, and seem to be following most musical fads that are happening. Does that mean they are selling out?

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I have friends who say that Muse has become all "Pop", and others whom defend the pop genre and insist Muse may simply be broadening their musical style.

So lets take a deeper look at the situation.

The Definition Of "A Sell Out"

It would be very difficult to put a strong definition on what a "Sell-Out" really is. Here's my definition.

"Musicians who sacrifice artistic integrity in an effort to make more money, or more fame."

The Three Museketeers!

First off, I'm really sorry about that Museketeers joke up's...awful.

If you have a different definition than me for a Sell-Out, that's fine, but this is what I'm basing my opinion on so nuts.

This definition separates artists into 3 groups of people. There are bands that:

  1. Were once awesome, but sacrificed their integrity for $$$.
  2. That rule and keep their artistic integrity forever. They may sell their art, but they won't change their art based on money.
  3. That never had any integrity to begin with.

Which Are They?

Well I definitely believe that Muse has been a band that ruled at one point in time, so that rules out option #3.

The question is: are they changing based on the trends, or are changing because they genuinely like these new styles of music?

So I'm going to stop right here, and point out the obvious (to some people).

None of this matters. It doesn't matter if they are "selling out" or not. In the end, their old fans who liked their older, different music are most likely going to hate the newer "Pop" stuff that feels much more "radio" worthy.

I personally hate where they've gone, and I think they are highly influenced by the popular culture around them.

But that doesn't mean I'm right. I could not prove it in a court, nor could I even hold that stance in a debate, because it's based on feelings and annoyances.

So if you're annoyed, just get the crap over it and move on, and make your own music ya turkey. If you aren't annoyed, then enjoy the music and let it inspire you to write more music.

I'm serious! Making your own music, and inspiring others, and touching others, and influencing others; these are the things that are important.

This article used to say something different. I tried to justify why Pop music was somehow wrong, and looking back on that, I realized that I completely disagreed with myself. So I re-wrote the article.

I'm not saying that there's no value in speculating on the state of the music industry, and contemplating how artists are living their careers. But this is a shallow topic.

Stop your petty grievances that are distracting you from doing productive things.

I did.

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