How Learn-Able Tabs Teach You In A Quick, Entertaining Way

When I first started playing guitar, I struggled for a while with Classical notation.

I'm a creative mind, and for some reason I just don't click too well with all the notes and rhythms they give you.

And then something happened. What happened was...

...I discovered Tablature!

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It was amazing. It was like someone invented a musical language just for me! It just clicked with me.

And ever since then I've devoured the world of Tablature. I went out and bought the program Guitar Pro and started writing all of my music with it. The program is great for instruments like Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, and most wind instruments.

And then after searching through other peoples tabs, I realized that lots of the music that I wanted to learn wasn't available anywhere on the internet.

At first, I was discouraged. I thought I wouldn't be able to learn the songs I wanted.

But then I decided that I would try and transcribe (write out) the songs by ear. I thought it would be a ton of work...

...Boy was I wrong! I fell in love with Transcribing music!

It's so much fun to just listen to all the little subtleties in music and write them down!

After a while, a close friend of mine suggested that I put some of my tabs up on this site. That way you guys wouldn't have to spend the countless hours I spent transcribing them yourself!

You might say "But what if I can't read Tablature?" Well then I guess I will have to make a lesson for you won't I?

You can take a look at what I have so far though, just below. And yes, there is a cost. And I really want to make it worth your time to buy my tabs (I'm only charging because it takes me SO much time to transcribe them).

So I have decided that I will throw in some "Time Savers" for you, to help you learn the tabs easier.

My main goal is to share all the great music I know with the world. And I want you to learn it too!

Take a look at these extra time-savers that I will give you with every purchase!

+ These Extras...

1) Basic Song Structure Sheet

This is the most basic form of the song. On it contains the song lyrics, and markers for the structure of the song.

It is Guaranteed to fit on 1 page, so after you have learned the main parts of this song, you can take this compact sheet with you that you can use as a reference (If you decide to play it in front of people).

I mean, who wants 10 pages of Sheet Music in front of them, when all you really need is a little reminder of the Song Structure and lyrics? That is where this sheet comes in handy.

2) Chord And Lyric Structure Sheet

The Chord and Lyric Structure Sheet includes the lyrics, Chords, Chord Rhythms, and Markers for the structure of the song.

It is a great tool to help you learn the song, once you have already taken a look through the original (And more comprehensive) sheet music.

This Bonus is designed with the Beginner in mind. The Chord Rhythms will help you determine your strumming pattern and get you learning this song faster than ever!

Note: This bonus is only included in songs that are chord based (Not songs that are mainly Riff based, where a chord sheet would be fairly unnecessary)

3) Isolated Instrument Audio

Ever wish you could separate the instruments playing in a song, so that you could tell exactly what was being played?

There is no technology that exists today that can separate these audio tracks. The only way that you can do it is to get the original tracks, or take countless hours transposing the music until you have it perfect.

Well with my Isolated Instrument Audio, you no longer have to sift through the sounds of multiple instruments when listening to your song.

Included with every Instruments Sheet Music, is an audio track that contains that specific instruments Isolated Audio track.

This is an invaluable resource that will aid in Learning this song.

Tabs Below!

You can see which instruments are included in each tab using this easy chart:

  • G = Guitar
  • B = Bass
  • D = Drums
  • P = Piano (or Keyboard)
  • V = Vocals





Eddie Vedder

Setting Forth



John Mayer


G - B - D


The Mars Volta

Day Of The Baphomets

G - B - D - P


The Mars Volta

Son Et Lumiere

G - B - D - P - V



Supermassive Black Hole

G - B - D - V




G - B - D - P - V


The Raconteurs

Steady As She Goes

G - B - D - P - V



Long Long Weary Day



Also, here is a Free Tab Folder Organizer. You can use this to keep your tabs and artists in order.

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