The Plurals/ Honah Lee - Lick It EP Split

by Alejandro
(Philadelphia, PA)

After the first listen, I thought this to be an unlikely duo for an EP.

Initially, in my mind the biggest similarity between these two bands was the fact that they both hail from "rust belt" state capitols. While each band member of the Lansing, MI-based trio "The Plurals" serves as lead singer of their respective track, the Trenton, NJ-based foursome "Honah Lee" utilizes only one lead singer, Tim, on its three tracks. It's because of this and the nature of the two bands' songs that the listener initially has a much closer association with "Honah Lee".

"The Plurals" are on the attack, and the listener does not at first know how to grapple with them. "Honah Lee", on the other hand, entices the listener to get comfortable with the assurance that you know what you're going to get.

For example, the third track of the "Lick It EP Split" EP is "The Plurals" 'Party It Up Part III'. It's pretty unconventional in its format, most notably defined by bassist Nich's brash vocals and the very abrupt ending.

The next song on the EP is "Honah Lee's" 'I Hate My Job', which begins with a line to which almost any listener could relate: "I hate my job. It really sucks." In general, "Honah Lee's" songs are rhythms and lyrics that most listeners will embrace on the spot. If I still had my meaningless job at that publishing company, I would have blasted 'I Hate My Job' each and every day on my way to work. The song is almost a rallying anthem in which the masses can unite, but ultimately as Tim shouts 'You gotta do it if you wanna get paid'. "Honah Lee" sings about what is universal. These guys would have been writing songs about girls ten years ago. Now, they write about the monotony of work and the general ambivalence that we all feel towards life at times.

The final song of the EP, 'Sobered, So Bored,' which is an absolute gem in my mind, is punctuated by the line 'I don?t wanna go home; I don't wanna stay here. There's just no goddamn place to go."

While ?The Plurals?? songs may not initially be as digestible as ?Honah Lee?s? they certainly get there. The nuances of each song are appreciated further after a few listenings. The harmonizing that ends ?Won?t Come To You? between drummer Hattie and guitarist Tommy sounds so natural that you feel as if you?ve heard that line before. The droning, solemn-sounding drums that fill the first minute of ?Sheep Dive,? which I believe is ?The Plurals?? strongest effort, contrasted with Tommy?s high pitched, bright ?Honestly, honesty isn?t your thing? provide an awesome juxtaposition of dark and light. And it was kind of cool after a few listens to understand Nich?s muttering as ?party it up, part three? halfway through his song. It?s intricacies such as these that one may not get on the first listen but that make ?The Plurals?? effort all the more enjoyable.

Ultimately, I do think these two bands work well together. The reason: They are both obviously having a lot of fun doing this, and it shows in their music. There is no ?downer? music here. While some of the topics may be slightly bleak, the music takes a lighter approach, which in some instances (see ?I Hate My Job?) is slightly ironic. The music produced says a lot about the musicians behind it, and in this case I think it alludes to the fact that these are intelligent and talented individuals, who from the sounds of it are probably a good time to hang out with, as well.


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