Thirty 30- From The Fallout (Ep)

by George Stephens
(Riverside, California)

In April '12, Thirty 30 put out their second Ep, Dawn, and gained many fans in the process. I had found these guys on Twitter, and sent them a tweet and they kept tweeting.

It was that instant fan-band connection that needs to exist more often. What I liked about the "Dawn" Ep is that it had rock hooks with really cool beats and meaningful lyrics. So when they announced that they were wading into the studio this past August to begin recording their final Ep of 2012, I was excited to hear new music.

Fortunately for me, they did not disappoint! This 5 song Ep, produced by their new producer, Roger Alvarez, has a great production sound to it. It doesn't sound like it had been recorded in their last two Ep's.

1."Taste Of Fate"- this is my favorite 'heavy' song by Thirty 30, and it opens the Ep with a boom. It starts off with a breakdown and a choir, and then goes into this sick thrashy verse section, which begins with vocal/guitar Anthony Esparza (who is the screamer) and then hands it off to their lead singer, Danielle Cullins, for the rest of the verse.

The whole band performs fiercely, but in the middle of the song, they go into a section that reminds me of Master Of Puppets, with a smooth twin guitar harmony over an acoustic guitar. My favorite part of this song is after the second chorus, right when the breakdown hits again, there is an 808, which is the first I've heard in a Thirty 30 song, and it just slaps you in the mouth. So awesome!

"Lying To Myself"- Most Thirty 30 fans will know this song as the first single for "From The Fallout". It is a very pop-rock song that makes me think, what if No Doubt played hardcore? It's a hooky song with a great breakdown and guitar solo, but the chorus is just as catchy as them come.

The verse has a cool bassline sun he'd with the bass drum, almost funky, and a synth behind it that gives the song a different feel.

"October"- this song is Thirty 30's GooGoo Dolls song. This is the one song on "From The Fallout" that I did not like. It's not that its a bad song, it just sounds like something off of MTV or VH1.

Danielle's voice reminds me of Michelle Branch on "October", but I just don't like it. I prefer my music to be a heavier style though.

"From The Fallout"- this song is the last track on the Ep, and it rages from start to end. The guitars and drums on this song are very complicated, and even I got lost a few times just because I couldn't believe that as musicians, Anthony, bassist Alberto Lafarga, and drummer Joel Flores go from a simple song like "Lying To Myself" got his metal epic.

Another great thing about this song, is that Anthony y takes over and shares vocal duties with Danielle. I loved Anthony's voice on Thirty 30's first Ep, "Inventing Ghosts" and am glad he's come back.

"Electric Chapel" Lady Gaga Cover/Bonus Track -
Yes, Thirty 30 did cover a Lady Gaga song. It's a good rock version of the pop icons song, and Thirty 30 did add a lot of cool ideas. My only complaint was the way the vocals were performed.

I heard Gaga's original and Thirty 30's versions back to back and noticed that Danielle is singing almost everything Lady Gaga sang. Because its not a hit, Thirty 30 could have gotten away with it.

Next time they cover a song, I would be interested in seeing what the singer can do differently instead of playing it safe.


The lyrics on this Ep were great. I found the lyrics in "Taste Of Fate" and "From The Fallout" to be my favorites. Not to disrespect the other two songs but I guess lyrically, "Taste Of Fate" and "From The Fallout" mean the most to me.

On "Taste Of Fate", Anthony screams "You Have The Soul Of A Predator/ Tore Out The Heart Of A Warrior" which just makes me think about my ex. And then Danielle goes into story mode on "From The Fallout" by singing "I've Given Up On Giving You My Heart/ As I Write These Letters From The Fallout/When The Sky Hides Behind A Hopeless Light/ I Write These Letters From The Fallout" in a very Alice In Chains tone.

Overall, Thirty 30's Ep, "From The Fallout" is great. It feels like these guys have finally come into their own. Thirty 30 gets compared to Evanescence a lot, but I see them more in common with Stone Sour, as they can jump from metal to rock to a ballad all within just a few tracks.

Thirty 30 is a talented band that loves their fans, loves their music, and loves what they do.

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