Tool - 10,000 Days (Review Part 2)

by Jamie

10,000 days

10,000 days

The Pot: This song is said to have been written about hypocrisy, this is evident from Keenan?s strong opening line "Who are you to wave your finger, you must've been out your head." And a later verse line "Eye balls deep in muddy water, fucking hypocrite."

The whole song is just a never-ending onslaught of brutal heavy riffs and intense rhythm. Maynard Keenan demonstrates his epic vocal stamina, keeping the same strength and anger in his voice throughout the whole of the song.

Lipan Conjuring: This is the shortest 'song' on the album, lasting only one minute and eleven seconds and comprises simply of Lipan conjuring, an occult ritual performed by the Lipan Apache people. Towards the end of the song Keenan can be heard shouting along to the conjuring in a somewhat humorous way.

Lost Keys (Blame Hoffman): This track is basically an instrumental that leads into Rosetta Stoned. A constant note drones through the song beneath which Adam Jones plays an arpeggio power chord sequence. At the end of the track a conversation between two doctors takes place concerning an unknown patient.

Rosetta Stoned: Leading on from Lost Keys. This is the story of the patient in the hospital. Maynard Keenan delivers the opening verse with such blistering speed, perfectly portraying the 'drugged up' character of the patient.

The rest of the band are incredibly tight and cohesive, even though the time signature changes roughly seventeen times (by far Tool's most complicated song). The lyrics sung by Keenan are believed to be a tale based around the forming of a new religion; "You are the chosen one, the one who will deliver the message", "A message of hope for those who choose to hear it and a warning for those who do not." The song ends on a massive bang, just after the climax with the rather humorous line "God damn, shit the bed."

Intension: The softest song on the album and a tale of our evolution as a species. The song starts off with what seems like the sound of factory work in the distance, soft guitar notes then begin to swell in and out and Maynard begins to whisper in-audible words.

His whispering then undertones his soft singing. Justin Chancellor then introduces an excellently melodic bass line which utilized natural harmonics.

Right In Two: The penultimate song is written from the point of view of angels, as they watch the human race ravage themselves through war and corruption; "Why did father give these humans free will"?, "Give them thumbs, they make a club to beat their brother down."

Adam Jones plays a beautiful clean riff whereas Danny Carey works his magic on a glockenspiel before switching to bongos and other culturally diverse percussion. The song then transcends into a much heavier format where Jones and Chancellor demonstrate their ability to incorporate crushingly low riffs that would tear skies apart.

Viginti Tres: Latin for 'twenty three', Viginti Tres is the final track on the album and is very much a haunting ambiance track, much like "Faaip De Oaid" on Tool's last album.

The sound of pulsating energy ripples in and out, eerily getting louder and softer over the tracks five minute length. An ominous booming voice omits a non-audible bellow, adding to the supernatural sci-fi feel. A very creepy closing track for an incredible album.

Despite most of the songs of this album being outstanding, like all other Tool albums, 10,000 Days is best listened to all the way through as a collective masterpiece. With Tool constantly progressively getting more refined and inventive with each album, no one can even begin to dream about what they will come up with next.


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