My Top 40 Songs You Need To Hear Before You Die (Part 2)

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If you had 1 day left to live, and you had to choose the top 40 songs you would listen to before your time on this planet came to an end...what would you choose?

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Obviously I haven't a clue what you would choose, but here is part 2 of my top 40 songs that I would listen to before I gave up the ganja.

#30: Temecula Sunrise - The Dirty Projectors

Starting out with just a soft acoustic (And strange time signatures), this song blossoms out into so much more (forgive the sentimental ovulation-resembling metaphor...).

It almost turns into some twisted version of a classic rock song...but crossed with a music-synonym of hipster-like pretentiousness.

#29: The Space For This - Cynic

I couldn't figure out exactly what Cynic song to pick. Their entire album "Traced In Air" is incredible, and there's easily 4 or 5 songs just from that album that would have been suitable for this list.

All I can say: you better plan on listening to Cynic before you die.

And if you die before you listen to them, I'll kill you.

Top 40 Songs #28: Axe To Fall - Converge

If you were to kill someone in a massive battle, and everyone around you is dying and body parts are flying everywhere and the essential essence of power and anger were to all end up in a song/album, this would be the one.

If you ever feel down, or depressed, this is the stuff to get you back on your feet and running around the block (a bit less metaphor on that example I suppose...)

#27: Ants Of The Sky - Between The Buried And Me

I should have just put down the entire Colours album, but I feel this song describes the album the best.

Not only does it start out with one of the most blazingly fast waggoner solo's, but it eventually breaks down from death metal into a polka.

Simply awesome...

#26: The Ferryman - Maudlin Of The Well

Starting out with the eeriest organ solo ever, it moves into the most calming smooth jazz, and then just as quickly moves into Maudlin of the Well's signature space astral metal.

It's one of my favorite MOTW tracks, so you better give it a listen...

#25: The Czar - Mastodon

Just listen. Don't ask...just listen...

Top 40 Songs #24: Messes Of Men - MeWithoutYou

It's really strange the amount of movement and calmness exists in this song.

I think a lot of it's greatness lies in the lyrics. They are really strange in the way that they sound often like a nursery rhyme, except with the idea of adultery thrown around somewhere in there.

Makes you think a bit, and captures the atmosphere of everything MeWithoutYou must have been trying to convey.

#23: God Hates A Coward - Tomahawk

Best Tomahawk song ever. If you don't know this band already, you better get into them.

In the live performance of this song, Mike Patton and the band dressed up like Rent-a-cops, and he put on a gas mask (complete with a microphone installed in it) to create the vocal effect he was looking for.

Dedication...just dedication...

So give it a listen!

#22: Talk To Strangers - Saul Williams

Technically this song would be a rap. But don't let that sway you, because it's actually an incredibly meaningful song.

It's one of those songs where the lyrics just really give you chills.

Not creepy or anything, but you will probably experience goosebumps if you listen to this song and engage in what it's saying. Let it take over your emotions for 3 minutes, I guarantee you won't regret it.

Top 40 Songs #21: Dirge For November - Opeth

The intro to this song is simply beautiful. Just beautiful.

It continues on into intense, and then moves back to beautiful. Mikael Åkerfeldt's voice is wonderful as usual, and the whole song just really takes on a specialness that makes it something you should pay some attention to.

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