My Top 40 Songs You Need To Hear Before You Die (Part 4)

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If you had 1 day left to live, and you had to choose the top 40 songs you would listen to before your time on this planet came to an end...what would you choose?

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Obviously I haven't a clue what you would choose...


#10: Act I: Chasing Suns - The Sound Of Animals Fighting

From easily the best album this band has ever done, chasing suns really sets the scene for the intensity and emotion that you experience throughout this entire concept album.

I actually recommend the entire album...but you know...

#9: Somewhat Damaged - Nine Inch Nails

Before Trent Reznor went to rehab, he wrote the Fragile.

And at the beginning of the Fragile, was this song. It's definitely an emotional, yet industrial progressive journey that requires your full attention.

So I advise you give it the due respect it deserves.

#8 Top 40 Songs: Muffin Man - Frank Zappa

If there ever was a more quirky composer than frank zappa, I would like to hear about him.

I'm currently reading through his autobiography, and honestly, it sounds like a fictional book. That's how interesting his life is.

And this song? Pretty much the Epitome of his weirdness and originality.

Of course, the addition of captain Beefheart on this song is nothing short of enticing.

#7: Blackmail Blues - Extra Life

As one of those obscure bands, extra life presents some incredibly complicated and mind-gripping music.

And this song shows it all.

With the opera-style singing along the crazy poly rhythms happening on the drums, I would be greatly concerned if anyone I knew could actually follow the song with a shred of sanity.

#6: I - Meshuggah

This 21 minute long epic contains almost every aspect of what makes Meshuggah...Meshuggah!

It starts of with a wall of sound, then moving on into the signature time signatures overtop of other time signatures, and is simply an awesome journey to go through.

It's a single-track album. And it's worth every penny you pay...or...megabyte you download...

#5: Desarragio - Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

I would say that out of Omar's Solo music, this is my favorite song. It's just got a lot of awesome energy, and with this album (Xenophanes) he actually decided to use his own voice a little.

And it's great.

So listen and love.

#4 Top 40 Songs: The Ternative - A Human Nothing

This is from a much more obscure band called a human nothing. Now the quality of the recording isn't some exceptionally produced masterpiece, but it really has some incredible elements in it.

It often changes through time signatures without you even noticing. It flows from ambient to metal without making you flinch, and if you were to just sit and listen to it, you would find yourself swept up into some sort of story (And the story is decided by your own imagination).

#3: The Ungrateful Dead - Hella

As far as complicated music that is poppy goes, this is one of the best songs I can think of.

Zach Hills drum beats are nothing short of spectacular, and the vocals really do add something to Hella's Previously non-vocalized music.

It's pretty catchy.

#2: Wings For Marie/10,000 Days - Tool

I consider this one my favorite Tool song of all time.

Well, at least it's their most emotional.

The combination of the lyrics and the music has made me cry on several occasions, and this 2-part epic is something that really will draw you in to focus on what it's saying.

Maynard James Keenan's mother was paralyzed for 27 years (approx 10,000 days) and finally died. This song was written in her honor, and definitely makes you think twice about whining about your crap.

Top 40 Songs #1: De-loused In The Comatorium - The Mars Volta

Yeah yeah, I know this is a full album. But I would not let myself hit the dirt without giving it a full listen.

I honestly believe this is the best album to ever be created. With one of the best stories ever conceived, and it's super-high energy, it's a wonder that anyone in the world doesn't like it.

But I guess some people would argue about the "subjectiveness" of music and such.

I honestly believe though, if anyone listened to this album more than 10 times they would be hooked forever.

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Right now you are reading my bucket list of songs, but now I'm interested in what songs YOU would listen to before you died.

So think a little, and share your top songs that you would listen to before you bit the dust.

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