My Top 40 Songs You Need To Hear Before You Die

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If you had 1 day left to live, and you had to choose the top 40 songs you would listen to before your time on this planet came to an end...what would you choose?

I think at least a few people with careers in the music industry will agree with some of my choices here.

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Although I Obviously haven't a clue what you would choose, but here is my top 40 songs that I would listen to before I bit the dust.

#40: Anesthetize - Porcupine Tree

This 17 minute long epic is simply a wicked song. It's not the most dramatically innovative one I have ever heard, but after hearing it live in concert, played to perfection, there is not many other just..."rock" songs I would want to put on over this one.

#39: Pet - A Perfect Circle

Pet is easily just the most...brutal song that I have heard from APC.

The main riff on the song is almost as unsettling as the lyrics, which continually build a picture of someone being trapped by their own fears of freedom, and letting themselves get manipulated into submission by a partner or parent because of it.

It's just brutal.

Top 40 Songs #38: Team Handed - Mogwai

One of my favorite Mogwai songs. It's just really smooth, and really pleasing, and somehow seems to have worked out it's verse's and chorus' by just little subtle changes in the song (Not some blatant chord change).

I listen to it on repeat (well, the entire "Mr. Beast" album actually.)

#37: Pah No - Irepress

From my favorite Irepress album, "Pah No" is an opening song that one is not likely to forget.

The feeling you get when the music first opens up is fairly incredible, you actually forget that all you are hearing is guitar, bass, and drums (because you think there must be some sort of weird ethnic instruments in there).

It's wicked awesome, don't doubt that...

#36: Souvenirs d'un Autre Monde - Alcest

From the album with the same name, this song is not only soothing (Almost in the Mogwai sense...) but takes you on some sort of journey.

The journey it takes you on is similar to the lyrics it brings to you, through some sort of dream world (Imagine "where the wild things are").

A must listen.

#35: First Breath After Coma - Explosions In The Sky

I gotta move away from the "Chill" songs on this list...jeese...

I listen to "first breath after coma" when I need to get to sleep. It's just so relaxing, not to mention an accurate portrayal of the song title.

Top 40 Songs #34: Enfilade - At The Drive-In

One of the creepiest songs ...alive?

It starts out with a message left by a kidnapper/torturer saying he wants money or...well you know...

He does with some interesting metaphors too. "I'm the Hyena, you'll see..."

And then when the music comes in, the combination of the instruments and the vocals is something truly hair-raising. It'll give you some chills.

#33: SZ2 - Battles

From the EP B, SZ2 is just a strange combination of music. It goes through ambiance, fast-paced rock, and...sleigh bells?

It's one of my favorite battles songs, so I suggest you give it a listen.

#32: Spies - Coldplay

From Coldplay's first and best album, "Parachutes", Spies is a pretty timeless song. I don't think there will be a time where I don't like this song.

Very similar to the last song, it portrays a very eerie and creepy atmosphere throughout the entire song, except in a slower, more melodic manner.

It's a bit hard to describe, and if I was talking to you in person, I would say "It's just...spies..." and you would know what I was trying to say.

Top 40 Songs #31: When Good Dogs Do Bad Things - The Dillinger Escape Plan/Mike Patton

I think this was one of the songs that really changed the direction of DEP. I mean, after they did this EP their sound changed quite a bit, and focused a lot more on Jazzy type things.

With one of my favorite musicians (Mike Patton) teamed up with one of my favorite bands, it's actually almost unfathomable that they would actually work together.

But they did, and they created this wonderful piece of music.

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